Ask @TugrulsahBektas:

Have you ever written a poem? If yes, what was it about?

Dream like your eyes
Smile brighter than sun
You given me my warmth
Cozier than eternal life
Our paths will be cross
You are my search of love
Search of my warmth in my heart
Single hug from you
Finding my light in dreams
Giving up everything to see your eyes again
Single hug from you
In my dreams, your warmth worths everything
My sadness petrified
Crumbled away like thousand years old statue
My eternal depression
Dissolved and disappeared in your eye's depth
Seeing you single time
My love, my warmth
Where are you hiding
Why are you hiding
In my dreams
You given my freedom
My desire to live
My everything back to me
Wish to see your face
The face like piece of moon
Brighter than sun itself
Yet again cozier than eternal life
Your sound
Makes my heart melt away from my chest
Asking me, "are you okay"
How can I be sad with my goddess from my dreams
Simple hug from you
A cure to my eternal sadness
Light to my depths of void like a sun
Forever you will be remembered by me
In my dreams, not lost not locked but happy moments of my sad life

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