Ask @AmberSnay:

Have you ever invented a fairly unique meal or drink?

Sωεετ Bεℓℓα
I like to make homemade potato soup out of instant potatoes, French's fried onions and a veggie cup.
I also like making Ramen in the microwave and using half the seasoning, half the water, and adding ~2TB peanut butter to make peanut butter noodles.
Some might think those dishes are gag worthy but i also know how to make instant homemade fruit crisp out of pie filling and the special flavors of granola they sell down the street in a crock pot, or even in the microwave. So.

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Would you erase your most precious memories to become smarter?

I think I'm smart enough to figure out how to gather the information I need at the time I need it. Too much information and not enough emotional intelligence, or a lack of empathy or societal knowledge (aided by precious memories) can be very bad.

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So bored!!!🤯🤯🤩

Brittany Reeves
You could always go to the library and see if they have online classes or group programs for free... they can be nifty in teaching you some cool stuff.
Or take up gardening. The hardest thing is remembering that you're doing it (and doing things on a schedule) honestly...water, sun, dirt and maybe shade and a break from watering are the bulk of what you need to keep in mind with MOST plants, and then you get delicious herbs or veggies, or maybe pretty flowers or interesting conversation starters.
Or maybe get into reading and critiquing fanfictions, there are so many good, epic, terrible and epically terrible ones out there it would blow your mind.
I'm teaching myself to swim like a mermaid for example, because why the hell not?
And if all else fails, there's always housework. Never, *ever* say you're bored until your chores are done. True story, my foster mom would make us clean if we whined that we were bored, so one day *purely out of boredom*, I scrubbed the whole bathroom, floors, wall, etc. on my knees. Even behind the washer/dryer. It was a very clean room after that.

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What can a hand and a horn symbolise in religion and the the effect of your innermost thoughts on a white page?

Henry Lopez
A hand and a horn?
Horns are traditionally thought to symbolize fertility or abundance, harvest or strength. Hands are usually representative of gifting, receiving, possessing, taking or making.
So to me, it could be interpreted many ways based on the context in which the image is found. On a jar of herbs? Maybe the herbs are supposed to help bring fertility to the drinker. On a stone sacrifice table? Maybe it's to symbolize a prayer to the Gods for a plentiful harvest in return for the sacrifice made.

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Is there any cool down to earth people Who wanna chill with one of the furnace open minded and down to earth guys in the San Francisco Bay area but also close to the Central Valley?? I’m honestly looking for new friends I’m tired of all these fake people Who bullshit and try fuck you over. My house

Kevin Abushi
Chill dude, this isn't POF.

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