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Do you prefer shopping online or in store?

I mean, it depends on what for, because shopping in person is exhausting, but also shopping online means waiting, so... it's a balance.

Do you get mad if someone leaves your messenger messages on seen, delivered, or they read it but don’t respond

Not particularly. I get frustrated if it's super important, like asking to be let inside if I get locked out and they're not responding or unlocking the door, but then again they could be poopin' or doing something else.

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How does it make you feel if someone you love never wants to see you?

I mean, one-sided love can be toxic if it's really obsession, but if you really genuinely love them, being happy about how you feel and quietly waiting for them to notice and come around can be alright, as long as you don't base your life on waiting for them.

How much have you changed in the last decade?

Well uh, let me put it this way: at 12 (over two decades ago) I would have been considered alt-right (though I didn't want to be, exactly, I just thought everyone was generally like that and that if I was to be considered human then I had to do and say and believe the same).... because of the people who were raising me, mostly.
But now I'm part of the anarchic left. For example I am pro-choice, LGBT+, aggressively boundary-enforcing (if someone wants to be called a certain name for example I will correct others who misname them on purpose lol), and I'm not afraid to do mildly illegal things if necessary. For example it's illegal to 'steal', but I'm pretty sure nobody will chase me down and arrest me for taking five 'complimentary mints' so I can pass them on to people who need cheering up. I also do stuff like glue googly eyes on the undersides of public bunk beds, to cheer up the people who are forced to sleep there (who probably need the cheering up to keep going). Did that once in Sweden, used a sharpie to form a mouth, and that face is probably still there today.
I'm no longer afraid to jump in front of others to defend them if they're being attacked (have done that multiple times now), not afraid to ride my motorcycle through snow storms (done THAT multiple winters, I miss my biiiiiike lol), not afraid to be without a house. At 12 I was convinced the worst thing would be a cage, but I never considered living in a bad place a cage since that's all I knew. Now I know... a bad house is as good as a cage, and to truly be free, leaving may be your best option. Even if it's hard at first, you can't get to a better place to live without first giving up the bad place. That's why I'm much braver in many small ways.
However, I still hate spiders. FUCK spiders. Ew.

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Is flirting cheating?

MaryJane214’s Profile PhotoMary Jane
It depends on what you consider flirting... trying to sex-talk someone is probably cheating, but complimenting someone's outfit is most likely not.

On a scale 1 to 10 how crazy are you 🙃

I'm sane, as far as I know, but I do get a bit goofy now and again. SO not really crazy, just active.

How old is too old to still be living with your parents?

If you mean 'in their care' as in, living by their rules and being their dependent, I'd say about the age of 18-20 is the time they should start working on moving out. Getting a steady income, finding a room in a house with others if they can't afford their own apartment or other suitable dwelling....
But if you mean too old to live in your parents' house as an independent who manages their own affairs, there's no limit. There's nothing wrong with living in your parents' household if that is all you have, as long as you're contributing like an adult at the appropriate age for it. You can be considered their live-in aide when they're older, if necessary, or be considered a tenant if you help with bills or help pay rent or whatever in exchange for your room there.

How would you describe the double standards in sexual orientation?

Technically objectification-based. Lesbians get objectified as a fetish but gay men get denounced as either incompetent or 'less manly'. You can be a manly man AND be gay, there's no rules saying you can't. And trust me when I say not all lesbians are fetish-worthy lol.

I'm feeling depressed, useless, hurt, overwhelmed, sad, broken. I'm tired of people making fun of my Autism and tired of people saying rude stuff to me.

MultiFanGirl98’s Profile PhotoKammi♡
I know, but just hang in there. Keep the people who respect you and love you close, and everyone else can go jump off a cliff.

If you had to choose between being immortal or dying in one year, which would you choose?

Being immortal but with the caveat that I control how old I appear.

Are grammar and punctuation important in social media?

liquid_sinn’s Profile PhotoSinn
There's a big difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.

how many standard sized rubber ducks could you fit in your bathroom?

IDK, I'm staying with my brother right now. But I'm estimating a couple thousand.

If someone wanted to kiss you on the street to post on YouTube, would you agree?

If I knew them then maybe. I do know a few YouTubers (I myself have two channels), so if one of them approached me and wanted to, I may consider it.

Do you have plans for the next year?

One goal for the next year is to solve my transportation problem. My van was hit by a deer and so I have to fix it somehow. It's going to cost thousands of dollars of work that I just don't have.


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