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Female bestfriend insan hoti hai, koi marriage bureau nahi jo tumhare liye ladki dundhe..😂

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoQasam
Acha female best friend BHI Hoti hai

I love to talk about money. . .Suggest me a way to earn dollar online, i am really interested. I am searching for opportunities, Give me the realistic ways to make money online. . seriously, i will appreciate ur help.

There are plenty of ways depending upon your skillset.

Well , i am new on Askfm .. today is my very first day 🤗 Can someone tell me in detail how to use this app ..? ✨

Sawal pocho or jawab do that's it 🤣

iqbal tere choty shaheeno ny abhi say "pawwwwn" "pawwwwn" krna shuru krdia hy :''( :p

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Kinnay Kaya si lambay wall rakho Hun kro kharchay pooray 🤣


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