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What do you most admire ?

babymona321439’s Profile PhotoMaya
Maya, because sab maya ha, mjhe b maya chaiye, btw maya lrki ha ya lrki? Lekin phir b maya maya ha 🤔
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Is love complicated? Why?

When the time is right LOVE won't be complicated at all. believe me, everything will fall into place. until then you have to suffer the slings and arrows of uncertain love while searching for Mr Right. REAL Love does bring pain but it's the sort of pain that goes away when ever you are with each other. it goes away when he holds your hand and a world of other wonderful things that you do together. and that goes for both men and women. Women don't have a monopoly on pain, Men get hurt too, sometimes their pain is much worse because men are not supposed to cry. So when you are tempted to say something hurtful to a boy, remember that.
Is love complicated Why

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