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Do you think empathy can be taught? Why/why not?

Most people can learn to be more empathetic but some people were born without any and can never have any.

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Why is everyone around me depressed? how can I make them happy?

Invite them to do things. Make them laugh and have a good time. See if they want to talk about their shit but don't push them about it. You can only help of they want to be helped.

If you would meet someone in reality from ask fm..what would you tell her? Mayb she can be ur crush.. Or u can..

I'd probably say hi to start.
After that, I leave up to circumstance

Are you the type of person who would spend time in the company of a stranger with pleasure, drinking cappuccinos and telling each other stories from life? ☕☕

Show me a human who wouldn't enjoy such a pleasant time.

If someone older than you likes a picture of you, do you consider them a pervert or just someone who liked your picture?

Depends on their mustache/glass game

So what is your favorite movie genre?

Don't have a favorite but I love horror, sci-fi, action and comedy.

Are you getting weird anon questions?

All the time haha.
To be fair, I kind of like how weird they get sometimes

What online games do you play?

Right now I dabble in Hearthstone and Albion Online. I'm getting nostalgia for WoW classic but I have no time for that one

A small game ~ Finish the sentence: I can not live without you, but ...

You are the weakest link.


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