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আজকের বৃষ্টি কেমন উপভোগ করলেন সব্বাই?

akhono korchi

Jara onk beshi valo manus / boka tader charpaser manus gulo toxic e hoi

ha eta shotti kotha bolechen

Okay so there's a person whom I know for almost 2 years. Yesterday his ex sent him a friend request all of a sudden. Can someone please tell me why do I feel jealous over this thing that his ex sent him a friend request? That guy is not my boyfriend & I'm kinda unsure about having feelings for him.

scarletrose2423’s Profile Photoscarlet rose
may be you were feeling something about him unconsciously or without knowing what your mind wants, but definitely you have feelings about him, even if it's a lil bit

ক্ষুধা লাগলে ফেইক আইডি দিয়া ভাত খাবেন।

k fake id diya vaat khai lol???

How to find a safe place in full of unsafe area🙃

for that at first you need a person who is safe to be with and ask that safe person to help you find a safe place, cause the most people of any unsafe places are also unsafe

Jeta krbo na ble thik kri seta aro besi kre kra hoi... Ekdin almost sucidal hoye jabo... Ki j krse

keno vai, ato kisher koshto?


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