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ہمارے سماج میں اب نوکری کرنے والی بیوی سے شادی کرنا بھی تلاش روزگار کی ایک مقبول قسم ہے!!

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Exactly and it’s harsh reality

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Mjy ask py ek larki pasand a gye hai pr wo serious type c hai theek sy response he ni deti... Kia krn?

If she’s isn’t interested in you then you should leave her don’t do anything simple is that
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Where do these cartoon gone Thunder cats, swat cats , flinstone , jetsons , Gumby pockey, Conan , Himan ,Johnny quest , looney tunes , old scooby doo

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Kya yaad krwadiya 🥲 Childhood bestest memories hain in sb cartoons k saath
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