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is it ok to ghost this person bc i feel na di nya deserve someone na ayaw sa commitment and can't give the assurance he deserves?

this is her
Tell that person. Mas maganda yung nasasabihan kesa bigla na lang gino-ghost. Ang disrespectful mang-ghost, pwede naman maging honest dun sa tao.

Para maging Peaceful: Are you willing to deactivate your social media account para di ka na makakita ng mga exhausting feed or patama na di ka tinitigilan i-bully? Or you prefer to block them nalang?

My take:
If SocMed is affecting (or being used to target) your mental and emotional being in one way or another, better off without it. Mas importante ang mental/emotional peace/stability kesa sa kung ano mang nakukuha sa socmed (be it likes, attention, validation, etc.) UNAHIN ANG SARILI.

Is it really alarming for a 29-year old woman to be still single?

No. That is okay and perfectly normal. A lot of people in their late 20s to early 30s are still single.
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