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Have you ever been painted as the villain even tho you had good intentions but just couldn’t outwardly express the way you truly thought or felt?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I’ve been painted as the villain multiple times and when someone asks me if it true I just say yes because I know for a fact I would never wake up one day and just randomly be the villain to someone, it takes years of pent up feelings before I have enough and just say fuck it and start matching energies and actions. If someone paints me as the villain believe it but ask them what they did to force my hand.

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is no contact moral if the person still reads your messages?

wrapperscum21’s Profile PhotoIwouldwalk500miles
If you are contacting them there is no “no contact” no contact means no contact, no communication, no interaction. None.

No entiendo por qué me están apareciendo preguntas en inglés ahora 😩

mariacazarees’s Profile PhotoMar
Sounds like a you problem, I don’t control what language you get questions in🤷🏻‍♂️

Imagine having me as a best friend, now read the first word again

I’d rather not because people are notoriously un-fucking-reliable. You can keep your imagination😘

Why does no man want to get married and become a dad anymore?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
Have you seen this generation of women? I NEVER wanted to get married or have a family until I listen to the lies spun off a honey poisoned tongue and look how well that turned out.

You say you take care of your own huh? Not like me. Not saying we was ever close, but I had her back threw think and thin, and back to thin. If I had your type of loyalty I would have left 5 years ago. Just like your soul mate did. Look where it got me 😍 took the long road but finally, have MY LOVE

gnibkerm’s Profile PhotoGnib Kerm
Tf are you rambling about?🤨

I want to ask one more question before I go I won't be back what your favorite Christian song


Have you ever had someone your willing to be there for no matter what happens?

hjk99g’s Profile Photo1111signfromabove
Yes and no matter all the bad that’s happened I will still be there, I’ll always be a text,call,email, fucking whatever away and if I heard from her I would be there any way she needed.

My different profiles confuse you says the person who has 100 times more profiles than I do it's not that it confuses you you're just upset because you want to make maybe down the roast for me online where you can post comments and they have different names on them get a life

1) no clue what you’re trying to say 2) not my problem because I don’t know you nor do I care😂

They could talk to them is here who does that who has one sided communication that they control like that who goes into somebody else's phone and does all the things you did on that note since you have me blocked I'm going to follow that you should too I have nothing more to say to you you need help



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