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Ion see how yall cheat. For one I be to in love. And secondly, why are you with somebody you don’t wanna be with anyway? I need answers ??

Grac3fulBella86’s Profile PhotoJaiBella
Number of reasons. Maybe you love her, she's a great person, you want her in your life, nothing wrong with her but maybe the sex is boring. Here's the truth; most men cheat for self validation. It's stupid, but it's surely a catalyst for cheating. Sex and love are NOT the same Sex can be meaningless and great. Love cannot be meaningless for it to be real.

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I don't like getting triggered by people

"Triggering" is a cop-out for the psychologically weak. Untuck your nuts and realize that most MFs that try to trigger you is because they suck dick with their butts and you don't. Think that's Proverbs or Psalms...not sure.

Case dismissed.. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Now onto the next chapter in my life. #MedicalSchool

lmarie7328’s Profile PhotoLynn Marie
Congrats! I know how that feels...I just beat a 12 year lid.

What do yall think abt the charges against p.diddy?

ohmygodwut’s Profile PhotodariBee
I'm from Vegas, his parties would be considered mild at best. Did you read the report? He doesn't even eat booty. Not once. SMMFH

🎵🎶Black velvet and that slow southern style A new religion that'll bring ya to your knees Black velvet if you please 🎶🎶🎵

Milky8889’s Profile PhotoyEET
Alannah Myles?

Today is the first day I tried coke

Never really liked Coke, made me irritable. Definitely not my first choice.


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