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Who loves to drink coffee?

I don’t “love” it per se, but I do enjoy an iced mocha latte every once in a while

How can I reset my password if I don’t remember the email address I signed up with on here?

you can change your password by going to the settings it doesn’t seem to ask for an email just a new password
How can I reset my password if I dont remember the email address I signed up

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Wondering if I should DTF with the guy I have been seeing for over 9 months this weekend. We are both still on dating sites 🤔

krystynac83’s Profile PhotoKris
dtf w no strings might be what you need, no? unless you want more out of it, but it seems like you both still want to do your own thing & that’s cool too

Have you ever dated someone online? If so, what was your experience with it?

zxerces_’s Profile Photokat
no, but I've had many friendships though, some great, some really really bad and toxic

Will I ever get a sign that you still love me

depends, you'd need to reach out because I don't know who you are

any plans for valentine's?

my best friend and i send each other v-day cards we find from tumblr so they're dumb, other than that i don't think i did anything, actually forgot until after work when i saw a car with some heart on it


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