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PAP Mirror selfie

when your man is a teacher and has gone on the duke of ed hike with his students and finds a mountain with reception just to msg you ❤️🥹
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Is it weird that I'm a little nervous about my first teaching job?

hi friend, we are in the exact same boat. I am in my final year of university, next year I will be going into full-time teaching as well. I guess the advice I can give is, to reach out to loved ones you may know that are in the teaching profession and asking them for advice on anything you’re worried about and they should be able to support you. also, being organised with your resources and lessons and don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed and getting experience through casual teaching has helped me gain further confidence, so give that a go. it just takes practice and routine and you will be confident before you know it. good luck :-)

Have you ever seen a chiropractor

yes. it was a friend of my partners and he said, “you need to eat more meat” …. never again
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Keep feeling physical reactions (fever + weird feeling I can’t describe.) when meeting some people.. Not sure what it means but it freaks me out, any advice?

sounds like you are an empath like me, you are feeling negative energy from the person and you should probably stay away from them because they can drain your energy completely
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When you're dealing with kids who have severe difficulties with learning, do you ever get visibly frustrated or do you never let it seem apparent on the surface?

if one wants to teach, you must have lots of patience in the first place. in my four years of experience, I have never gotten frustrated with my students. if it was to happen though 100% you never show it, you’re there to support them


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