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Do you think you’re attractive?

I think I’m attractive, because my inside is incredibly beautiful and I LOVE ME TODAY, didn’t use to be that way!!!

Is it smart to go ghost on somebody

FUCK NO! Ghosting people is a sign of immaturity and stupidity!

How's your mental ?

Some days it’s total shit, but when I exercise, eat healthy, practice positive affirmations, and follow through on all commitments-IM SWELL!

Do you consider yourself a good person?

Hehehe. No seriously 100% I’m a very good, kind, accepting woman!
Do you consider yourself a good person

If you want me to leave you alone I'll leave you alone but if you don't then I'm yours again lol


Would you say you’re a good kisser?

IM PRETTY AWESOME, but you have to have an amazing person kissing you back!

How many profiles are you talking to me on?

I have one profile and this is my very first day on this app.

If u needed me i d still come in a heart beat no matter what the consequences would be for me

Awwwww. That’s the sweetest. Thank you. I would defend you always!

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