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If you knew the same people who aggravate and frustrate you were going to die would you be aggravated and frustrated by them ?

No I wouldn't be mad at them, I'd want to talk to them about why they were always frustrating and aggravating me.

What characteristics or traits do you value most in others?

When I make friends, I look for personality. They have to have a good personality, and being friendly and be a loyal friend

What kind of work do you do?

I am not currently working, I'm now a stay at home mom to a little preemie boy.

People you may like

Thats whats up do you have a favorite artist or group?

My top 4 favorite bands
Linkin Park(RIP Chester Bennington)
Breaking Benjamin
Judd Hoos (really nice guys!)

Go to Google and type : Santa Cruz California high school.

What am I looking for regarding school?

What’s something you struggle with a lot? I’d say for me it’s my mental health.

NanaSkyes’s Profile PhotoAlannah
I deal with mental health issues too. I'm seeing a therapist for help with my mental health.

Were you the smartest kid at your school?

If I really wanted to apply to myself, I could have done better, but I didn't like my school , let alone most of the people there. I just got my grades passable to graduate.
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Can someone be my boyfriend

Not trying to pry or be in your business, whatever the case maybe, but just a little head's up: Be careful with who you talk to online. There are not a lot of people who say who they are. Trust your instincts and intuition on people. If you feel like you are uncomfortable, walk out of that situation.

If someone leaves you for being overweight but comes back after you lost the weight, should you take them back?

No. If they're being shallow from the start, why would I want to put myself in that situation again.

Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?

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Later on down the road, I wanted to be a mother. Now that I am one, life is so much better.
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Are you a social butterfly or a socially awkward weirdo like me?

It depends on where I'm at. If I'm at a place I used to work at, then I'll talk to people, but if somewhere new, then I'm so socially awkward.

do you like cigars?

I hate the smell of smoke, especially from cigarettes and cigars. I promised myself that I would never pick up a cigarette and that stands true to this day.

On a scale 1-10 how good of an athlete are you?

2. I'm not very athletic at all. I was a little bit when I was younger.


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