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omg ur the funniest person I know ?? the deadpan humor is hilarious

you know, funny enough, half the times I’m serious when i say things. I suppose the context is always so unorthodox that you guys think i must be joking ??‍♀️

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heard that you were this year’s valedictorian. Congratulations brit ?

I was honestly thinking about passing on it but there are some fuckers who thought I didn’t deserve it so now I’ve got to talk to piss people off. Its only right. Thank you american ?

i have a crush on you but you would probably think I’m garbage

don’t do that- You’re probably a really amazing person. Stop sleeping on yourself motherfucker.

u always say u can’t commit. why?

I removed myself from the dating scene because what I’ve come to realize is that I’m not 100%. I would absolutely hate to enter into anything being 50% and expecting someone else to be my other 50..that’s not of me. im not ready.

ur confidence is so attractive how did you build that up?

idk, its weird because i used to be such an insecure person until one day i just literally said “fuck it”, if you like me then cool, if you dont, that’s fine too.
I think the key is to just rock with yourself, appreciate all the things about you that are generally seen as “flaws” and just remember that the ultimate goal is not to be better than anybody but to be superior than your former self

whens ur next showcase?

i have so so many personal journeys of learning and mastership to go on so i think i’m done for now. The “Strange Fruit” collection is still at the Norton so you can check it out if you’re ever in town, though I won’t be there personally.

Do you believe in ghosts? No? Neither do I. But I still don't know how I came back.

i fuck with this question. this is fire ?????.

If you would meet someone in reality from ask fm..what would you tell her? Mayb she can be ur crush.. Or u can..

??‍♀️??‍♀️ que sera sera, however the story goes

can i shoot my shot?

if ya genuinely like me, go ahead . You have noooo competition, I’m rooting for you even.

tahj with all the things u do everyday hw do u find time to breathe?

i take days every now and then to kind of rejuvenate myself and rest but it’s hectic, “not even i know how i do it “


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