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Steckbrief! Mache einen Steckbrief mit für dich relevanten Aspekten. Tut gerne ein Bild/Gif/Video von euch dazu heften.

questionslikestyles’s Profile PhotoHarry
Name: melina martinéz.
Age: 25 years
Birthday~ 3.November.1995
Place of residence: france, bordeaux. + have lived there since I was born )
Job: makeup artist and owner of a small café.
Languages that I can speak: french & albanian.
Family: 3 lovely children and a younger brother @jarellshotline. ෆ

Good properties: very loyal, if you have me in your circle of friends, you have won, so to speak. I can fit in quickly and always have an open ear. ✨
Annoying properties: annoying, bi$chy, jealous and sometimes disinterested.
btw i love my homies sm @ixfinitylove, @DustinEliasWroth, @hasstchips. 🤍

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Steckbrief Mache einen Steckbrief mit für dich relevanten Aspekten Tut gerne ein

Don't never ever insult my brothers, you bit*h. They are beautiful human beings and they are just defending our country, that's all, end of story! You don't know them and you can't judge them when you don't know them.

ritaora1’s Profile PhotoRita Ora
Pssss may love dont strese bade ledy sey we dont give a fack about bleck lifes bat if US Marine meride to Albanian Gerl hi will kill you and your stupet blou frends i cen give him promisione to do that bat like i Sede and may 🦁 sede we are rimuving kancer seles bat your tetnts are meke for good fire materijal to berne so onec agen dont meke me do samting bat your kids will have good edukacione 👹🔥🌋

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+1 answer in: “Да ли те је неко у животу изневерио?”

Now that Kosovo has been independent for over a decade, how much longer do you think it'll take for them to be recognized by 99% of the UN?

Pookeo9’s Profile PhotoEh?
I find that highly unlikely. Kosovo is not an independent country. It is a territory of Serbia occupied by NATO in a war of aggression, waged on a false pretenses. False pretenses are made up stories about the genocide against Albanians from Kosovo and about millions of civilians killed in the war. This war happened after the insurgency backed by a number of foreign countries failed. NATO then abused their UN mandate and role of peacekeepers to maintain the occupation status. Now, NATO is not a world government and it has no business attacking other countries and taking away their territories. Even though it certainly has the military power to do that, it does not have legitimacy to do such things. And this lack of legitimacy can be seen in the situation with recognitions - Kosovo’s “independence” was recognized by the aggressor countries, those who occupied it and countries whose foreign policy is alligned with them. And no one else. We can also see that some of the countries who first decided to recognize it and even who participated in the war on the side of the attackers did not recognize it or are withdrawing recognitions. Also this situation is further escalated by the occupation-backed separatist government in Pristina, that behaves in an aggressive way (declaring further territorial claims on Serbia, supporting Albanian separatists in other neighbouring countries, waging a trade war on Serbia, terrorizing Kosovo Serbs under their rule and other minorities etc.). Instead of being just a governmental issue (who will govern in Kosovo) it is making itself also a security issue and an real inconvenience for many parties including their foreign supporters. Might does not make right. The UN changes its mind all the time according to Arab dictate. One minute, they recognise Israel, the next minute, they are grovelling to Hama thugs who used children as suicide bombers and who are heralded as acceptable by non-American, 'slow' congresswomen and their bunch of equally, dull-witted, 13-16 years old supporters!

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Edjona, the Albanian language is harder than it seems. By the way say to all the people who hate to go fuck themselves, you are a cool person. Αυτό ήταν το αρχικό κείμενο, το Google είναι άθλιο όντως... Και να φανταστείς το προσάρμοσα για να βγάζει νόημα

M0rg0th13’s Profile PhotoCωsтας .°Ж°.
Στην Αλβανική βερσιόν έλεγε κάτι σε φαση" δεν είναι σωστό να λες άντε γαμ, είσαι ένα κρύο ατομο" κ είμαι σε φαση γτφ

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actually it is the first time i am hearing of this Gentleman but i will make sure to look for him and read some of his work. i do trust your taste when it comes to reading

thnx even though tbh he is not my fav when it comes to albanian writers hahahah I adore Dritero Agolli's poetry he is like Rumi for middle east and i adore another writer called Rexhep Cosja he is more like phylosophical and political writer

now i know thesenames sound weird to u but its good to explore new artists right?

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that is true, but you know one can overcome the distraction, there is lots of ways to stay focus. and i agree with you once you change the words it lose it's beauty that is why i said. translate the main ideas

its a bit complicated i dont know if u have ever reed a book of an albanian writer but its really hard to find its true meaning cuz sarcasm is included in kind of every word because most of our best writers lived in a period of time where it was forbidden to write what they truly thought so they had to use every word hidden in another its great hahahha

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oh i understand what you mean, well maybe you should try to translate them ( translate the mean ideas that you think should be shared with others who don't speak albanian ) well i started Faust by i never had the chance to finish it

its difficult to be read hahha u should be really concetrated to get his ideas snd his point of view
im bad at translating things cuz they loose their power once u change words i think translating a book its like rewriting that book all over again

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Привет! Хочу посоветовать тебе прекрасный аск ,очень милой девушки : @Vera_WW ,этот тот человечек,который излучает тепло,а также лайкает взаимно,задаёт ВД и подписывается) Вы ей ,мы вам : 30❤ - 10❤ 40❤ - 20❤ 50❤ - 30❤ 60❤ - 40❤ 70❤- 50❤ 80❤ - 60❤ 90❤ 70❤ 100❤ - 80❤ .За подписку 10 сердечек ,за вопр

Ludi_Assk’s Profile Photoᴛᴏᴘ ᴀsᴋ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ
english or spanish or italian or portugal or french or albanian cuz I do not understand thissssssss

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Thanks, I much preferred this performance. Could I ask if swearing bothers you at all in comedy pieces? I know that people use swear words in such a casual way that they have really lost their meaning but it bother you at all?

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
yeah me to
to be honest when i hear an english performer swearing it doesnt bother me that much of we r talking about the f*ck verb and mfc haha cuz all the others are a bit strange for me to hear haha
in albanian performances i hate listening to swear or dirty words cuz its a bit rough to be herd ahhah

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+2 answers in: “Have you listened to any good comedy skits recently?”

Thanks again for your answer about the history of Albania. You mentioned that at the time of Skenderbeu the Ottoman's would have had to pass through Albanian territory to really invade Europe. What territory did Albania hold at that time?

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
its in albanian but ill explain
1 stands for today s territory
3 is half or F.Y.R.O.M now
4 are territories on Greece
5 territory on Montenegro
6 and 7 are now serbian territory
maybe some people will curse me after this but hell with it this is the truth even they are to envious to accept it

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Thanks again for your answer about the history of Albania You mentioned that at
+3 answers in: “Thanks for your answer to my question about the water in "the blue eye" of Theth. I wanted to ask you a follow up question to your answer about Albanian history. You mentioned that Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu in a way saved Europe from the Ottoman Empire. Could you tell us more?”

Thanks for your answer to my question about the water in "the blue eye" of Theth. I wanted to ask you a follow up question to your answer about Albanian history. You mentioned that Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu in a way saved Europe from the Ottoman Empire. Could you tell us more?

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu it was an albanian prince who was kidnapped by the ottoman army when he was little in that period of time the ottoman army collected and trained kids from all the countries that it envade . Skenderbeu got really strong by the time even "Skenderbeu" its a title earned by the ottomans for his bravery but later on he understood that he wasnt home he was fighting for "the bad guys' lets say so he decided to go back home and fight for his people being a strongly trained soldier by the ottomans helped him on his way tbh for 25 years he was really connected with the western forces and didnt allow that the ottomans could gain more europian territory cuz the way to expand on europe for the ottomans would have to go throw albanian territories .

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Thanks so much for answer about Albanian history very interesting and written in a fun way. Is Albania a very religious country?

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
hahah thnx
Albania its very religious . As I said previously we had different cultural influences so in Albania you will find Christians Muslims Orthodox Vlach ( i dont know if its written as it should sorry) anyway if there is one religion that we all have is Albanism and thats for sure

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Привет💞🍓 https://vk.com/id_volkova.katya_2001?z=photo272400995.. поставь пожалуйста лайк,если не жалко😻😽 А я взамен полайкаю тебе все фоточки💞 Прости за рассылку, просто хочу сделать девочке приятно🐼✨

what? even in English didnt make sense cuz in albanian jo e jo

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поставь пожалуйста лайкесли

ehhhh e dijaa e dija se te shkon mendje veq te kopjaceriaa😜nuk te thash shkruaj roman po vetem 10 fakte😂😂😂🔫beje shaka se shume faleminderitt😜disa ishin te vertet disa i ke shpik po nejse😂😂😂e di se eshte nate , po doja ta di a eshte bere nate edhe atje te ju😂😂😂

😂😂😂😂po 10 fakte po me zuri sa nje roman muti ca tbej. E te lutem shume tani gjithcka eshte e vertet 😂😌😂po I live in albanian jo ne amerik tkeqen qe te jete dite 😂

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Albanian russian hungarian turkish/azeric-turq(gasaq dialects) Arabic(all of those dialects, english and the Balkanish three. Polish also

emoboy0725’s Profile Photo#Ateş Ve Qăn#
Wow, that is awesome..
I love albanian language too, but it seems hard to me..
I love Eurovision Song Contest, i don't know if you know this or not, but this is their entry this year:
(Unfortunetely they changed the lyrics into english, so it has lost its magic with it :/)
But here is the albanian version:
https://youtu.be/90211t4A9wklanguageloverlau’s Video 141771607978 90211t4A9wklanguageloverlau’s Video 141771607978 90211t4A9wk

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My great love for me is an Albanian guy , he means everything to me and I know that what I feel for him it's 100% mutual because we are talking 24/7 and he keep telling me that he hope that one say we will together in Italy because we both love this country ?

NevaLbg’s Profile PhotoNeva9596✔️
It is difficult to judge whether the man from Albania is the right choice for you , people of this country / Albania / are less civilized and very irresponsible ?

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My great love for me is an Albanian guy  he means everything to me and I know