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Proud of you. For your info. I smoked Hookah in college with colleagues while we studied. But I found out I have allergies. I just loved the smell. Never smoked ciggarettes nor alcohol nor any other type of bull. ^___^ But I respect and love guys who donnot get into that.

I am very proud of you that you realized at a very early age that smoking in any shape or form is a very negative and unhealthy habit. You are a wonderful source of inspiration for others to follow. Please continue being just what you are, a great influence.
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cậu nghe một ngày không mưa, hạt cát xanh, và 3 bài dc thắng cover là super trouple, lilac winevà ciggarettes and chocolate milk chưa? những bài mà có trên trang youtube của Ngọt tớ thuộc hết rồi :v thật đấy không xạo đâu meow

3 bài Thắng cover t chưa nghe :((.T thuộc mỗi bài Ngọt == thấy ngưỡng mộ c vl :>>> .
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If you want to really quit, There are these herbal ciggarettes that cost 250 a stick. They use herbs to give all effects associated with ciggarettes without the harm. They also taste fine, not Marlboro light but fine

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that's literally the stupidest thing you could tell a girl who has smoked one specific brand for more than 1460 days.

ppl who smoke ciggarettes or smoke up in general are so bad I mean that y would you wanna smoke and die? don't youu have sense ps: ask ur sis to stop smoking asap!!

Ppl who bad in english or are speak up wrong english in general are so bad.
I mean that y would you wanna speak and embarrass yourself? don't you have sense
Ps : Ask your pea sized brain to shut up ASAP! Pps: Stop poking your nose into other people's business.

my parents found out about me cutting and smoking weed and ciggarettes and now they dont trust me at all.im grounded for the whole summer,they took all my money and its making me depressed;-; help plz how can i gain their trust back :c

Oh dear, their reaction is pretty normal, they are just worried about you destroying yourself & heading the wrong direction, all good parents would do the same :)
I think you have this time for your privilege now, to work on yourself, focus on your thoughts & finding yourself away from the influence of others, this is your chance to fix things & do them right this time!
I just want you to focus on healing & saving yourself before it's too late, don't worry about your parents' trust in you, you are their daughter they won't be mad at you forever, all they need is to see some improvement from you & they will start taking it easy on you!
You're still young & strong you can turn things upside down & take the right way yet, you deserve health, true happiness & a better experience than this, so please make sure you get it!
Don't worry about your friends & all the other kids that do things like this out there, everyone was born alone for a reason, cause no one can replace the other & no one will live in another's shoes so make sure you don't tie your destiny to theirs, your life is worth way more than this & you know it :)
Focus on yourself, stop thinking of the others, if you need professional help seek it asap & make sure you save yourself first to be able to help others or even continue on life!
-Best of luck hun, you are strong & you can do this successfully ♥

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Hi! Sorry mengganggu siangnya kaka kaka. Based on ur opinion why do people smoke? And do you have friends that are smoker? if ur next to him/her, Do you tell them that smoking are dangerous so they should keep it away? Thanks ?

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I think it's because a lot of people do it and other people who don't smoke just got curious. See I got curious as well, because I never understood why people do it but after I've tried it a couple of times I was like oh...now I know. I still didn't like it that much though, I think I'm more of like a social smoker (it's bad I know). I also used to smoke whenever I feel stressed but then after a while I just thought...why not spend the money on something else. I personally think that ciggarettes cost sooo much here in the UK but a lot of people would still smoke anyway cos it's difficult to stop I guess. I have friends who smoke, I never really tell them off and say how smoking is bad for you blahblahblah cos they all know the consequences. I think most smokers know what they're doing to their body anyway so why should I waste my energy and be the annoying person who tells everyone off :P

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Haha you are so weird How you are so overly obsessed about your so called physical health Try Googling the effects of smoking on the physical body Then you'll know what a hypocrite you are

This is my uncles freind
He smoked 20-25 ciggarettes per day
Im not saying smoking is good
But anonymously hating is bad
As you have said yourself too ;)

Police shoot LOADS of WHITE people too but you don't see us white people complaining and making a big deal?! GET OVER IT, a black person committed crime and got killed, so have many white people? Just stfu

I know they do and many other blacks been killed ASWELL but these were killed for the wrong reasons, Since when was it okay to kill someone for selling ciggarettes or after they surrendered? Anyway I was asked for my opinion idgaf if you agree with it or not X

Whats is Your opinion about smoke-ing?I want to now cause i want to try i am a girl bytheway (sent to all my following list)

My opinion about smoking? Hmm and youre a girl? 4 WORDS FOR YOU 'DONT EVER TRY SMOKING' Once you tried smoking trust me you cant stop. Its rlly hard to stop. But depends on the person tho. I know at first youre wondering how its taste like and you probably think its cool to smoke but trust me IT DOESNT LOOK COOL ITS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH! AND AFTERALL YOURE A GIRL, Daripada wasting your money beli ciggs tantu you beli other things right? Buying a ciggarettes is like burning your own money. Its better for you to spent it on clothes or food or something lah. Iblis tu sigup ah sekali cuba memang mau lagi lapastu addicted. Bah dont ever smoke. Biartia suci mulut atu.. Have a nice day sis. :)) x
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And if you smoke, use shisha pens. Even though it's bad too but it's less addicting than cigarettes -.-. But you should fucking stop or the next time I meet you, I'll rip your throat. Maybe this Sunday. Remember my words

Oh and my cigarettes r really slim and they arent addicting haha. Ok deal, this Sunday :3 Hey do u use anything else aside of Fb? I recently deactivated :)) Promise promise PROMISE i wont smoke again, ciggarettes or shisha :3

your a pussy and don't smoke ciggarettes shut up and the few times you do you don't inhale and if you don't like tom stop calling him your sometimes boyfriend it makes you look stupid and like your leading him on and makes it look like your together so just stop.

I hate cigarettes I don't smoke cigarettes I never said I do? The whole thing with tom started bc someone asked if we were dating and he was like "only somtimes" so he started the joke that I'm his girlfriend sometimes and he is my bestfriend so you honestly just talked in a big circle I'm not leading him on neither of us like eachother we've talked about it so you just look retarded

Well, I'm just still pondering why you did react with such a hate only because I've wished you a nice weekend ?

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Because your photo is a Lie of Yosef with the ciggarettes and the cross of his breast, i beg you to delete this picture, please
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I don't believe that a ciggarette addiction is worse than a heroin addiction. Ciggarettes don't really have life threatening effects on your body until later in your life, whereas you have people in their 20s 30s 40s ODing all the time. You can't OD on a ciggarette.

You actually can OD on nicotine, so.
I said a cigarette addiction, meaning it's harder to quit smoking cigarettes than it is to quit heroin.
I said nothing about one being worse than the other.

Why are you friends with Haris but not ahmed and shan. Hes the reason they did what they did. Hes the one whos influenced them and made them do stuff like smoke ciggarettes and do drugs, i dont see how you being friends with him but not them is justified. If anything you should talk to haris.

Haris may do all of this shit but he didn't shove it down Ahmed or Shan's throat. They both had it with their choice and without will power. And I'm not, not talking to them only because of it but sideline reasons. So get lost and stop blaming Haris. And it's not like Shan & Ahmed care so why do you?

Hey max this is ben's mother, I've just overheard Ben crying in his bedroom over this ordeal, he claims you owe him $20 , could you please politely play him back. He's not a bad kid he just wants his money he somehow lent you. Thanks max.

He stole ciggarettes from you and sold them to me and i gave him ten bucks. which is what he asked for them.

Why you putting up a picture of you "smoking" when you know that ain't "smoking" weed and cigars and ciggarettes are smoking so quit the act and do the real shit, because vape ain't shit stupid ass middle schooler

Lol Stfu & Calm Down , It's A Damn Joke. You Think I Don't Know That ? That's Cute .

Jayde stop smoking ciggarettes to be 'cool'! You can't even do it properly anyway you always do what they call a 'bum puff' where you take a draw but like keep it in your mouth and don't inhale it so your cheeks stick out. Just stop. You look like a monkey

1. Jade* Cigarettes*
2. I know i cant smoke. I never said i could.
3. I rarely smoke. Ive never even had a whole cigarette to myself. So of course i cant smoke ahaha
4. I dont care what i look like to you, i know who this is.
5. I dont smoke to be 'cool' if i do it, its cause i want to.
6. You don't need to explain what i do, you aren't me so you wouldn't know, so stop making assumptions thnx
k bye :)

LMFAO you're the stupidest fucking person ive ever met you actually believe the bullshit your parent tell yoi about marijuana?! If anyones the ignorant one im pretty sure its you. Marijuana does not kill. It actually slows down the growth of cancer cells.and it is less addictive than ciggarettes

it is more* addictive than cigarettes. kills more people. if marihuana is so great why is it that the only stoner to do anything good is Steve Jobs? and why did he die of cancer?

I don't see how your such a calm person like you don't take anything to heart and that's actually really good you stay so true to your religion your not like them boys who wear a parka and still eat meat and smoke where's the sense in that

Thanks for that, there is a difference between a patka and a dhamala, but if the child is young he should start of being tought about his religion so when he's old enough he would know to where a dhamala, and yes even tho our living guru guru granth sahib hasn't really phrased that we shouldn't eat meat, but guru granth sahib has restricted us, that's why many sikhs like me follow that. People who smoke are in there own world and are not guru's sikh cause they are not following the simple rahet maryaada that we have got, even though sinners like us can't complete our full rahet we can still follow simple orders that the guru ji gives us, guru ji has told us not to sell or have ciggarettes and in any case you will see that smoking can kill you, and that's why maharaaj is protecting us from being one of those peole who are suffering from diseases cause of smoking.

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I wouldn't ... Lol.... So can you stop don't get mad over shit that happens in the past why can't you just let people happy I mean I didn't date someone almost 1 quarter younger than me

HAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE FUN OF ME FOR DATING MICHELLE WHEN YOU SAID WE WERE THE CUTEST COUPLE YOU KNEW ? fucking hypocrite . at least i look my age , you look like you are two . put the ciggarettes an weed down , and go play in your sand box , hun .
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my shirt went up by accident last night so my mom saw my cuts. idk what i am gonna do now or if she'll send me away for help i have extra blades i only gave her an old one

Look, I was in the sams position you were in. my mom saw my arms and was gonna send me away but i promised to get clean. I did just that. I mean i relapsed one or twice but that's to be expected. I've been clean for months now and tbh it's the best thing ever. cutting is an addiction. when we stressed we reach for the blade just how some reach for alcohol or a ciggarette. but just like alcohol and ciggarettes , cutting can be beat. pls pls stop cuting up your beautiful body. <3 first step- all thos extra blades ? throw em away ! If you really must, keep only ome but have that locked away some wear in case of a relapse. and just go from there. think of things that make you happy and just try to pursue that.

aw i love you too oliver! you should never pay attention to them, they're pathetic! they must think they're so great making someone feel like shit, hiding behind an anonymous button. i'm always here if you need to talk :) xx

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No, I mean I love you. I mean it.
On another topic, I try not to listen or take note, but it sometimes gets to you. As a token of our friendship, I give you a picture of me smoking a candle, for 3 reasons.
1: Ciggarettes are too mainstream.
2: Because I truly do not give a fuck.
3: Consider it a kind of gift.
I love you. Lets get married.

OMG hi I'm renae and I'm 12 I smoke weed and ciggarettes everyday I get drunk every weekend and I think im so hot and I have the smallest tits but I stuff my bra so boys think I have massive tits heheh fuk all u h8erz yolo tits out legs open bitches x

That's how I roll, lol no fuck up pls you don't know nothing lol x

So you're always ranting about how bad weed is and how it makes people so stupid but yet your idol afroman smokes like a chimney. And also you smoke ciggarettes. are you aware that ciggarettes are the number one killer in the world and the 2nd hand is twice as dangerous. food for thought.

Actually, for your info asshole, I never once said weed is bad for you. If you paid attention to anything I've ever said, im a huge marijuana supporter when it comes to medicine, not drugs. The difference is, people use it for a drug and mot the medicine it is. And it does make people stupid, but so do many other things. And if you paid attention to other things I've said, you'd know what kind of weed smokers I hate. Those people who just sit around and smoke weed and dont do anything that doesn't involve weed and dont hang out with people unless they smoke weed and who's statuses are nothing about weed. Leane your facts about me before you try and insult me. And yes, I did know that about cigarettes. Did you also know that cigarettes kill more than 45000 people a year?? More than drugs, alcohol, car accidents, suicides, aids, and murders combined?? You think I dont know these fucking things?? Did you also know that nicotine releases dopamine in the brain?? But you prob dont even know what dopamine is, but you will tell me that you do after you look it up. Get fucked asshole.

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I kinda don't think you should have your son in front of these bad influences like Macy/Johny. Not being rude just looking out.

Macy nor johnny is a bad influence. They are teenagers, they do what they want it doesn't affect me. But I do not take my son to their house. If I do I wall hin over there so macys mom can see him and they are not allowed to smoke ciggarettes anywhere near him while I'm there and I only stay for a few minutes because I don't like hi I'm breathing the air. When they want to see him they come to my house, and they are sober when they are around my son. They don't talk about bad stuff in front of him, they smoke ciggarettes outside.. so no they are not bad influences on my son. Thank you.

Admit It; The rules are - once you get this, you can't get out. All you have to do, is send a question to the people you follow on anon, and they have to ADMIT IT. (Send this same set up to everyone change q only) READY, SET, ADMIT. Admit it; you've smoked more than just ciggarettes

* cigarettes
I`ve never smoked anything ;
not even cigarettes .
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Deine Reaktion, wenn du im Bus neben einem Mädchen sitzt, und sie plötzlich anfängt hemmungslos zu weinen ?

Ich würde genau das singen:
Caught up in the middle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go Oh no Gave up on the riddle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go
I know you wanna get behind the wheel Only 1 Rida Eyes shut still got me swimming like a diver Can't let go i got fans in Okinawa My heart to japan quake losers and surviours Norway no you didn't get my flowers No way to sound better but the killer was a Coward Face just showers The minute in a hour Heard about the news all day went sour Lil mama got me feeling like a limit here Put you in the box just the presidents ciggarettes Give em my regards or regardless i get arrested Ain't worried about the killers just the young & restless Get mad coz the quarter million on my necklace DUI never said i was driving reckless You & I or jelously was not oppressive Oh no i can't stop i was Destined
I know Caught up in the middle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go Oh no Gave up on the riddle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go
I know Caught up in the middle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go Oh no Gave up on the riddle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go
Champagne buckets still got two tears in it And i put that on my tatoo of Jimi Hendrix Get depressed coz the outfit all in it Coz the press tell it all get a meal ticket Clean next Get a call just a lil visit Sacrifice just to make a hit still vivid Rihanna kiss you on ya neck just kill critics Buggatti never when im rich, just god fearing Look at me steering, Got the bossing staring Mr Mike Caren, Tell his Billie Jeans Im on another planet Thank E-Class, Big Chuck or Lee Prince Perries Buy my momma chandeliers on my tears dammit Thirty years you had thought these emotions vanish Tryna live Tryna figure how my sister vanish No cheers i know you wouldnt panic
I know Caught up in the middle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go Oh no Gave up on the riddle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go
I know Caught up in the middle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go Oh no Gave up on the riddle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go
When i need a healing, i just look up the the ceiling I see the sun coming down i know its all better now When i need a healing, i just look up the the ceiling I see the sun coming down i know its all better now When i need a healing, i just look up the the ceiling I see the sun coming down i know its all better now When i need a healing, i just look up the the ceiling I see the sun coming down i know its all better now
I know, I know, I know, I-I-I-I I think of letting go, go, go, go
I know Caught up in the middle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go Oh no Gave up on the riddle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go I know Caught up in the middle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go Oh no Gave up on the riddle I cry, just a little When I think of letting go

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hahahahahaha you're getting better at this :p If smoking is prohibited in gas stations then why are ciggarettes sold there?

Haha just getting warmed up LagiPatel :-p And uuhh cause they're sold in packets and if smoking's prohibited than you're gonna hafto to smoke somewhere else fooo hahaha na idk this one shat -.-

that picture you posted on facebook was offensive girls actually really care about him like that, we cut because weed will kill you and we cant have that happen to justin

oh my fucking god, you are so wrong its amazing. weed doesnt kill you you dumb cunt. i smoke weed and i know my shit its nearly harmless, Hrry and Zayn smoke ciggarettes which causes cancer and DOES kill you. yet yall dont give 2 shits. you know what else kills you. Loss of blood, so cutting yourself for a guy you never met is whats really ignorant. so bye bitch

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