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All girls actually want is attention and to manipulate tf out of you and make you feel dumb, then their satisfaction meter is filled up, and then they show true colors, no girl is actually pure.


Do u ever regret being loyal to someone

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I’m loyal to my future wife , my ex girlfriend showed disloyalty and i exposed it to their parents then i went about my way heartless . It’s sad that many individuals both men and women are taken for granted IMMENSELY…

I don’t think it’s asking for too much if I want to be committed in a relationship but to also have my own space/some alone time as well 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s call setting boundaries

When you don’t have anybody that supports you and nobody’s there for and you don’t feel like you can call anybody what do you do?

Talk to your inner self and keep thriving
When you dont have anybody that supports you and nobodys there for and you dont

You are something else lol just got a question for you it’s nothing bad but it’s got you not everybody else lol


Can’t wait till your gone . I’m getting a new car, complete make over and show what I can pull in while you continue begging ugly mf



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