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PAP of the ask team!!!
Here's our team in California celebrating our 5 year anniversary!
PAP of the ask team!!!
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Could u plz help me? I am new ask so tell me why does people I don't follow appear in my newsfeed of ask with a red heart in front of their pic??
The red hearts indicate answers that people you follow liked.
91 people like this help me out of this i cant Like any answer  maryam aftab
If you've been blocked after liking a lot of answers, that's temporary. If you mean you are unable to like any answers, try reinstalling the app or try accessing Ask on a different browser.
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When can you get your suspended account back?
Accounts that are suspended for violating our terms can't be reactivated.
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Be my babe
Okay, bae.
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I read in one of your answers that we can filter what we see in our news feed. How do we do that?
No, you can't do that YET. We're hoping to introduce ways to control your newsfeed soon.
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what does OITNB mean?
Orange Is The New Black (the TV show)
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I get a lot of hate on my account. How do I turn of anonymous questions?
Sorry, but make sure to report negative people and block them. Turning them off is very easy. Go to Settings > Privacy and toggle the switch for "Allow anonymous questions".
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Hey can u guys make ask so that I can download it I have IOS 6 and I can't get it and I am sick of using the Internet to go on ask I just want to download it but I can't because I have IOS 6 can u guys fix that?
Sorry, we can't make the app compatible with a long outdated iOS version. If you can't update your iOS, the best option is to use our mobile website. It does almost everything the app does.
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Post a few verified accounts, I haven't seen any other than yours.. And I want verified badge too
Well just a few examples in different languages. Remember we've only just started rolling out verification for accounts that are connected to verified Twitter, Facebook or VKontakte profiles.
Spanish: ‎@TheMisterJagger ‎@albertochimal
English: ‎@xNotch
German: ‎@JustCaan
French: ‎@Ezra_vV ‎@Siphano13
Latvian: ‎@LietotajuDienasJautajumi
Japanese: ‎@SEKITOVA
Korean: ‎@twit_reva
Arabic: ‎@HathoutH
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Why don't you let us see who is following us... I really wanna know the people following me and I don't understand why we can't?
This has been discussed endlessly, trust me. Some of the reasons why following is anonymous: just like you maybe want to ask your crush a question anonymously, you would also only follow them if it was anonymous. Another reason is that if you knew your followers, you probably would have a god idea who is asking you questions, and that would ruin the anonymous questions. People always want to know their own followers, but do want to be anonymous following others!
Also, remember followers don't get any more access to your profile than anybody else, since profiles are public. It basically is just like bookmarking your profile to more easily read your answers. Maybe it's like people who follow a blog, the author also doesn't know the regular readers.
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Ragazzi siete fantastici! Riuscite sempre a rendere Ask un social originale e soprattutto alla portata di tutti! Mi raccomando continuate così! Cheers from Italy guys.🙊😄  I'm Pietro™, bitches
Sei incredibile! Mille grazie, buddy!
26 people like this your answerss are hilarious. When I'm sad I read your answers and laugh unconditionally!  Niaz Mehedi
Sort of imaging you looking like this now... 😎
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Si es cierto que sabes muchos idiomas contesta esto ¿cómo se llama el primer hijo de Messi?  Miguel Angel Reeyes
Se llama Thiago y él es adorable!
Si es cierto que sabes muchos idiomas contesta esto ¿cómo se llama el primer hijo de Messi?
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Can you make a thing where if you have more than 20k likes or something you can get verified, so it's not just real celebrities only getting verified you also have your askfm celebs too👍🏼
Yeah, we've been looking at some Ask users with a lot of likes and followers and will verify some of them as well. Being Ask famous is a pretty big deal!
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What do you think about kiwi?
Yummy! 😝
What do you think about kiwi?
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do you use google translate :p?
No, it's not very accurate. Keeping it to languages I can reply in. Sorry to anybody speaking other languages!
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How would you react, if you can't react?
How would you react, if you can't react?
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I'm sad because isn't available for Windows phone :(  Anastasia
I know, sweetie, but we have a really good mobile website for you and your Windows phone using friends 😘
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Who creates qotd?
We have a team of editors and bla bla, didn't we answer this before? 😏 Okay, somebody in our office has to come up with tons of questions all the time that can be (and will be) translated in over 40 languages and work for a really broad global audience. It's not as easy as you'd think. Wanna help out? Send some good suggestions over to this profile: ‎@UserDQ
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Will Celebrities on have a verifed account?
We're working on that. It will take time to identify and work with real celebrities to create verified accounts but that's what we're aiming for over the next few months. We'll also make it easier to discover verified accounts in the near future.
87 people like this is not letting me like anymore posts what do i do!!
If you're liking a lot of answers in a short period of time, we give you a bit of a time-out to cool things off. It causes all sorts of issues if people mass-like and we prevent spam that way. Just chill out for a bit and you'll be able to like again.
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Why will u get a notification when someone answers your anonymous question? O:
Why? Because you wrote the question. Don't you want to know when somebody answered it?
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Your new IOS update has issues. please do some thing :/
Please tell us more about what issues you're experiencing:
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Hi there, have a great day because you guys totally deserve it!!! 👍🏻☺️
Thank you, buttercup!
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