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Is this account real or a robot or computer?  Alex bohamed
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When I am anonymous, can you or database administrators at your office see my name in your tables? Or is my record inserted into tables without a name?  Delusional Demon
What data we collect and store in different situations and how is described in detail in our Privacy Policy:
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How do you get 'verified' ?  nathan
We will launch a verification process soon. We do not verify profiles at this time.
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I love this one girl. What should I do ?
Ask her out.
116 people like this, you are my favorite social media website. I love this website so much!!! >w<
You guys are the best!, you are my favorite social media website. I love this website so much!!! >w<
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How can I disable sharing my answers on Facebook?
Remove the connection to Facebook in Settings > Services
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How can I recover a deleted or denounced question, tell me please is urgent: c  Diego.
If you deleted the question, you can't retrieve it.
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how do you ask separate people the same question on an iPhone
Tap the pen icon to create a new question, write your question, then select up to 50 friends from the list.
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Wow I just went on ur to see the official one and it's so cool that u answer our questions. I thought u would of just answered the random questions they give u :P  ashmini
Oh yes! Keep them coming!
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Can I call you Asky instead of
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Can you please let us use vines on here?  Ari Grande
Interesting idea... we'll pass it on to our product team.
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you guys are awesome for supporting the LGBT community!! many kisses from Greece:)
you guys are awesome for supporting the LGBT community!! many kisses from Greece:)
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I can't go to on my phone and I don't know why.  TeddyBearJaker
Hmm, can't tell what the issue could be. Please get in touch with our support team here:
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You probably get a million questions each day and choose like your favorite ten to answer right? Btw I like ur new background. Better then the one before.  Diana Rusty. ☺️♐️
Yeah, that's about right. basically drowning in questions. Trying to answer as many as possible for you guys. 😁
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Why can't we delete our accounts? Deactivating isn't good enough and they show up in search engines after being deactivated.
Our support team will help you with that. Just email them via our contact form and choose the option "I want to leave":
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why do people always report me when I do nothing?
Make sure you're not breaking any of our rules. Even if somebody reports you, our moderators only act if they there is a violation.
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How about an office in London?  Mohsin
That would be nice.
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If someone blocked me , can i still send anonymous questions to someone ? Coz i sended many questions, didn't got a single reply.
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why is it that other people's answers popped out in my timeline? i mean i don't follow them. how do you chose whose answers are going to pop out on who
You'll also see answers that somebody you follow liked.
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do you like your users?
We LOVE our users!
do you like your users?
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In the name of all followers thank you for all answers... Keep going peace out from Albania <3
You're so welcome. Hello Albania!
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what do u think of parents who don't accept their children being in the lgbt+ community???
That's very sad. We should all try our best to accept and love others the way they are, especially our own family and friends.
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How can I get a video from my camera roll on my page?
Unfortunately you can't do that right now.
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If we block someone why can they still see our profile
Because your profile and your answers are public, anyone can see them, including blocked users. If you block someone, they can no longer send you questions, gifts or like your answers.
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I forget the password of my account and I can't get in, could you help?
Please contact our support team for help with your account:
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