Ask @Benjamin_Nicholas:

You said you'd like to work with Damien Crosse. Still fancy him?

There's just something authentically sexy about the guy. Unless he's just a great actor, the sex he has feels real. The faces he makes, the way he moves his body, his clear want to take loads and give 110%.
It makes for fun- and hot- watching. It's that non-mechanical feel that makes me want to meet up with him.

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Which is the place that you have always wanted to visit?

I've hit nearly all of my bucket list places, but would love to get back to:
*India. I've spent more time in New Delhi than Mumbai and would be happy to explore either place in greater detail.
*Egypt. I could go every month and find it fascinating.
*Kuwait City. Went once and like most of the Middle East, I found it interesting and enjoyable.
*Turkey, outside of Istanbul

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In your experience, what would you say is the most overrated gay community? The most underrated?

Overrated? Fire Island. It's one of the most cliquishly inclusive, image-discriminatory places I've had the misfortune of experiencing. While I loved having access to a quiet house where I could close the door, having to do simple things like grocery shop or go to the gym was a pain in the ass.
Underrated: Rehoboth Beach. It's got a very welcoming vibe, is all-ages friendly and doesn't play the constant one-upmanship game that Fire Island does. It's just relaxed and feels quite a bit like Key West before the onslaught of middle-America cruise ship tourists.

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How hard do you work to have the body you have?

The real secret: The tough part is getting it where you want it. The easier part is keeping it there.
I (try to) eat right. I get sleep. I don't smoke, don't do drugs and rarely drink. I make an attempt to take down all the classic roadblocks that people put up when failing to meet their body goals. It's not always fun, but it's easier than you think when it becomes a lifestyle versus a crash diet.

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