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What are you wearing right now?

Shirtless. 4-inch surfshorts. Barefoot.
This is my daily outfit.

Any fun trips planned in the near future?

I was just in Hawaii.
Heading to Vegas in the next couple of days.
Florida and NYC this month. Chicago for a few as well. Trying to fit in London at the end of this month to see a friend performing on the West End.

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When do you normally get in the mood to unload? Morning, night, after a workout? Or, are you in the mood all the time?

Post-gym, yeah. That's just natural.
Mornings, now and then. Not usually a wake-and-shoot kinda guy.
Night, yep.
And then there are periods where I can literally jerk fives times a day and go for more. Can't explain why. Just the way my body functions.

Can you be racist against your own people?

Of course.
It's more commonly called being 'self-loathing'

Black or grey sweatpants?

As long as they're thin enough to show what you're packing, I'll take either color.

Do you often have trouble sleeping when you travel?

I go through cycles of that, yeah.
I tend to have sleep medication as a backup, but don't like using it on a regular basis. In general, I'm not a pop-a-pill to fix a problem sort of guy.

Any fetishes u want to try and haven't yet?

For sure.
Something that's been lingering lately is trying to be a piss-fuck top, which is something that requires some prep and talent, as you've to be rock hard, full of water and ready to piss while pounding someone's ass.
It's sexy to watch in porn, but I don't know if I'd be able to actually do it real time.

What quality impresses you the most about a top-notch hotel?

That things just quietly happen without you having to ask.
Superb service is almost magical... Like a great live performance. You never see them sweat and it all looks so natural. Underneath, you know it's not, but they never seem to skip a beat and everything is just so ship-shape.
Very few hotels can do this and even fewer can do it consistently over a long period of time.

Would you let Damien Crosse breed u?

Yup, almost definitely.
And what turns me on about him is that he's versatile enough to flip midway through and let me slam my load into him.
He's probably the only 'porn star' type that I have ever lusted after in this way. I'm not really one to watch enough porn to have favorites and keep up with who's doing what.

When traveling, do you often have the experience of waking up and forgetting where you are?

In the beginning, yes.
Now, from the minute I wake up, I can always tell where I am based on the feel of the sheets and pillows.
Some people are world-class sommeliers... I can tell you what hotel I'm at based on the feel of the bedding and towels.
You can't get an accreditation for that kind of shit.

What is the single thing you do to maintain yourself that you enjoy the least?

Good question.
It used to be cardio, but since learning good form and really committing to it, I now love running.
Probably abs. I forget to do them on a regular basis because I'm so fucking bored by the work. While I have a healthy diet, I still need to work those muscles to keep them in the shape I want them.

Have you ever lied about your age?

But since I'm aging backwards, very few can accurately guess what my real age is.
It's not the number. It's how you look.
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What factors contribute to a satisfying sexual encounter for you?

That depends on the other guy and what he's into.
For me, on pure hookups, I tend to attract guys who want to service a tall, muscular alpha. Whether it's bottoming for me or just having me unload in their mouth, their end goal is almost always my satisfaction (and load).
With the guys I see, it's all over the board. That's a good thing, as it keeps things interesting and fresh.

Fav kind of porn lately?

Solo stuff. Guys just jerking or, at most, getting serviced until they nut. Watching a guy kick back, hands behind his head and get blown can be super hot.
You can tell a lot about a guy in how he gets himself off.

Dear Ben — how much longer is the world to be denied a entertainingly witty and grammatically flawless 15 Minutes post?! We’ve been on the edge literally and figuratively for so long now — have some mercy. Please! 🤩

I've been sitting on a half-finished edition since late December and yeah, it's time for me to get it done and up.
Your patience is appreciated.


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