Ask @Benjamin_Nicholas:

What's your stance on a guy with a basic face but a big package? And the opposite, beautiful face and body with a small ween.

Both can be fun, as long as the guy knows how to just let go and really have a hot session.
I've had plenty of awesome sex with smaller dicks. I've also learned that size is in no relation to how skilled someone is.

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When it comes to investments, do you get professional advice or do your own research?

A mix of both, actually.
Financially, you should never put all of your investment eggs in one basket. Meaning: While you might get comfortable with one advisor, it's better to have a wider variety of thought on how to make your money work best for you.
I've had people who want me to take a fair amount of risk for a greater immediate return. I've also had people who only stick to blue chips and long-term picks. I'm happiest when I have a mix of both... It leads me to never getting bored, but also knowing that I've got a solid fallback position.

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What are some things in life (can include your future wants/needs) that you will not compromise on and why?

I try to keep my personal goals for myself simple. That way, if I fail, things don't implode in spectacular fashion.
I will not compromise my ability to age comfortably and with some grace.
I won't emotionally hold back with the people I am close to in my life.
While I don't have a 'bucket list' per say, I'll live everyday I have like it's my last. Never pass up an adventure.
I won't apologize for things out of my control or for things I've already dealt with in the past.

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What kind of 'look' on a guy turns you on?

It's all over the board for me.
Lately, the idea of hooking up with a guy who looks a little like I do at the moment is a turn-on. Buzzed hair, muscular, smooth upper body, hairy legs/pits. I also have this odd thing for guys wearing chunky silver chains around their neck: Not heavy enough to be considered fetish (although a super thick link and small padlock can look sexy).
I think it stems back from a lot of the Italian and Puerto Rican guys I found hot. They all pulled off that tight wifebeater and chain look perfectly.

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Which country do you want to visit?

I've gone through my bucket list of travel spots a few times already and am having a tougher time finding easy spots to fly into.
There are still a ton of places I want to visit, but they require flying and then long driving/trains/etc to get there. I'm getting to a point in life that if it takes more than 30 hours to get from point A to point B, I'm probably not going to go for it.

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