Ask @Benjamin_Nicholas:

How many in-flight minatures before the attendants start giving you the eye?

Domestically, I'd say they get antsy at 4 cocktails or 5 glasses of wine. If they use their handheld to check your status, they tend to worry less if you're a high-level flier. At that point, they know you're a pro.
You just gotta not wobble when you get off the plane to make them keep thinking that.

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Tell me about your flaws ?

I'm a type-A.
I'm exacting with myself and with my surroundings.
I like order, cleanliness and calm.
I still read books and newspapers.
I think it's socially acceptable for men to wear spandex, as long as they work hard to look good in it.
I like the ocean, but not the beach.
If I keep writing, I could start putting together a modern, equally-as-nonsensical TS Eliott novel.

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Do you agree that nobody goes through more shit in life than a person with a good heart?

There's a huge difference between having a good heart and allowing yourself to be a doormat. I know a lot of 'good' people who are really just too meek to speak up for themselves when it truly counts. That's a personality flaw, in my opinion.
So, yes... Good hearts may deal with more shit, but ultimately, it might very well be self-created shit.

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Love your blog. Been reading it and think you're one of the sexiest and smartest guys out there. Question- Do guys approach you at the gym when you're working out?

Ah, cool. Thanks much for the compliment!
Yep, I've had people approach me at gyms, recognizing me from the internet. 99.9% of the time, it's done without a lot of thought on their part, so when I'm in the middle of a set, have a pair of headphones in and am trying to get things done I'm not always the most congenial guy.
Yes, life is sometimes about seizing the moment, but it's also about knowing where and when is the appropriate time to do that. Take social and visual cues, otherwise you either look like a tool or come across as a bit creepy.
Personally, I've seen a ton of well-known people in my travels and would never approach them... For any reason.

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Hey Man! Thanks for always keeping me entertained with your travel posts! I think you answered this a while ago, but my fingers couldn't handle the scroll stroll any longer. Im curious if you have a "Go To" bud in Dallas should one of your clients be interested in bringing in a Second Act?

As 95% of who I see are well-outside of Dallas, my 'home market' is one I don't have much knowledge about... Including the other working guys in the city.
I have guys I work well with who are Vegas, LA, NYC and London based, but haven't really reached out to Dallas gents about forming alliances. Not that I wouldn't, but it feels like Dallas isn't the market for group scenes.

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