Ask @Benjamin_Nicholas:

When is your last sex? How was it?

The last full-on sex was just before the pandemic set in.
I got fucked hard... I still think about it now when I jack off (which is 3-5 times a day). He put me on my hands and knees, ass up, and just pounded me for a good ten minutes.
It was the kind of fuck that perfectly hit my hot spots, so I had to try very, very hard from cumming too quickly or without touching myself.
The dude would have lasted longer if I wasn't talking some serious trash.

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Were you born with that ego of yours?

I was born a near-silent baby who turned into a quiet, thoughtful child who then grew into a confident, highly realistic man.
The people who know me also know that no matter what you may perceive of my online persona, there's a guy under that who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.
Hell, I'd probably take off my shirt even BEFORE you asked.
With some age, I've figured out exactly where I fit in this industry. I am long past twink, twunk or college jock. I've matured handsomely into a tall, muscularly-built, masculine man who knows what he likes and what he doesn't like. I don't suffer bullshit- don't need to- and I think that rubs some people the wrong way.
I can amp up the cockiness when the situation requires it.
However, I have just as many clients who perfectly happy with me being the smiley, guy-next-door.

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