Ask @Benjamin_Nicholas:

Is reputation important for a person nowadays?

The evil that men do lives after them...
Reputation is temporary- good or bad- thanks to today's society having an incredibly short attention span. We live in a world where people only pay attention to about 10 minutes of a story before moving onto something else.
In the time it took you to read my answer, a thousand people changed their fair-weather views on who they support politically, how they take their coffee and whether the TSA really does protect our country.

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Safe v unsafe sex. What percentage of each are u having?

I can't give an exact percentage, but I'm definitely more of a bareback top if the situation presents itself. I've done some bb bottoming, which is hot, but it's not the mainstay of what most guys are wanting from me.
At 6'3" and built, it's natural that other guys want me to play a dominant, aggressive role.

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Saw your pic at the korean spa on twitter. What's it like getting scrubbed like that?

If you can separate sex from being naked around a lot of other men, Korean spas are awesome. They're wonderfully relaxing.
With a K scrub, you're usually put in a corner of the men's wet area, on a waterproof, soft table. You're naked and- depending on the guy scrubbing you- he'll either cover your manparts with a washcloth or just leave you exposed.
Then he scrubs you. Everywhere. Turns you to the side, turns you over, every single nook and cranny. A hard scrub that can really get the top-layer of grime up and off. That's then followed with bowls of warm water poured over you. Some scrubs then include a full body shampoo, which is almost like a conditioning treatment for your fresh, smooth skin. It locks in moisture.
At no point is any of this even remotely sexual. Sure, you're naked and getting soaped up by another guy, but it's done with such efficiency and strength that you don't ever feel anything other than extreme relaxation.

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How many times a week do you workout?

When I'm home, I train three times a week and do cardio/classes in-between.
Saturday and Sunday I usually take off or just go in for simple cardio and stretching.
I'm on a scheduled fasting plan: Three times a week, I limit my solid food calorie intake from the time I wake up to 7pm, only having water and coffee. For dinner, I have a protein-rich, balanced meal.

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You clearly have a beautiful body. Have never seen your feet. Do you keep them in good condition?

I work as hard on keeping my skin (feet included) soft and good looking as I do my body/muscle.
Weekly pumice. Bi-weekly pedicures. In the wintertime when I'm home, I sleep with socks on and a liberal coating of alpha-hydroxy lotion. Keep everything soft and looking decent through the dry winter months.

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