Ask @Benjamin_Nicholas:

Why do you hate Ryan Murphy?

Hate is a strong word and I don't honestly 'hate' anyone.
I dislike him as a writer and director. As he has gotten more successful, he tends to take the easy way out of a story and now focuses more on the sizzle than the actual steak.
Clearly, he has a huge following and that's awesome. I just think he's become the master of one great season of a show and then it immediately jumps the shark. It's even happening now in some of his initial season projects (Rachet).
He also needs to get away from casting from the same troupe of (over)actors. While I love Paulson, she's quickly become the spitting image performance style of Julianne Moore: You're just counting the seconds before the next full-on, wet-faced break down. When you do it that much, it goes from being powerful to full-on camp and predictable.
I still enjoy his early seasons of Nip/Tuck.
I also thought his screenwriting and directing work in Running With Scissors was fantastic.

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