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No. There are things that should be kept private

do u listen to tagalog songs?if yes can u mention ur faves?

Hiling by paramita
Hiram, cool off, leaving you, suntok Sa buwan by session road.

Hey thanks for the update.So how are you? And how old are you??? I bet you're in 20's... Don't answer for the last question, its not in my place to know...still I asked bcoz my brain wanna know n heart says stop being nosey author might not like.....

Yes I'm in my 20's haha

Hi author of my ex-gf is my new mom. Meron po kayang book 2 ito ? Super ganda po kasi nung book 1.

I don't have plans on making a book 2 for now but I'm not closing the idea :)

....this is the hardest question ever......sorry to ask u this....sobrang curius lng aq......pasensya na tlga....makulit lng......pero sna sagutin mo.........basta e2 lng un eh........ any plans to update Oh My Dead?sobrang miss ko n si Pepper.....and sobrng lungkot ng last chap...

Yes of course, I'm not finished with the latest chap though... I'm so busy these past few months so please be patient.
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