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Hi! Have you tried oysters? If not, would you like to? If so, what do you think?

No I haven't, no I would not like to

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🤣 When does falling in love turn into love?

When you realize that is your best friend in the whole world and your heart pretty much syncs with theirs. Ugh, that feeling of staring at the love of your life and feel your hearts connect + grow together. Idk if that's how everyone feels or if my case is rare but it's beautiful and it should never be taken for granted

does the profession of the person you want to have sex with matter

Honestly no, working or in school whichever is fine with me. As long as you're keeping busy because I am

Anyone know what it means to be blocked on social media by your love of your life means in a dream

It's probably a fear that you unknowingly have?

My b/f is about to turn 25 so I told him that he’s too old to have long hair, so he cut it! Lol. Should I dump him now?

So many things wrong with this
1. I didn't know hair length had a age limit 💀
2. You're his gf right? Not him, so who are you to tell him what to fo with his body/hair? Now if it were the other way sis would have a whole fit about how men don't have a right to tell us what to do and etc which isn't fair in this case
3. You wanna break up with him because his hair is too long?? Yes, please do.. I really hope he finds happiness and acceptance in his new relationship. Less toxic and maybe a gal who is secure with her man being who he is in the first place. If you didn't want him how he came, don't take him out the box to play 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

how to reject an ugly person who is attracted to you

If THIS is how you address the situation maybe they're the ones dodging a bullet here.
Trust me, no matter what you'll say they will get over it fast. I would 😂😂
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In your opinion, is it wise for a couple to live together before getting married?

If it works for them sure, I mean just because you're dating or engaged or hell even once married you don't have to live together.
It's a HUGE step and you want to absolutely make sure you're ready, you'll be sharing space with someone else. It isn't always easy, it's manageable and as long as you're respectful of each other and enjoy living together then it should be fine.
My mom and her first husband lived in separate houses so their kids could have a change in scenery and so their kids also could go to school and visit dad's on the weekends.
I don't plan on moving in with my partner for at least 5yrs. We both love spending time together but we both really love having our own space and our own home to go to when we need time apart 🥰🥰

Do you like finding out the secrets of others? 🙄

I enjoy answering questions and meeting new people. I don't even ask a thing here, I just go with the flow

Did you get any more bigger

This gave me a headache, let me help. I'm not perfect but this has to be fixed
*Did you get any bigger?*


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