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Has Esper-chan paved the way for all of us to become cute girls, and/or will the resulting cute girls have a goofy harem anime centered around Esper-chan? AND WILL YOU WIN?

But I don't want to participate in the Esperbowl. Normal people are hard enough to understand, and Esper is way weirder.

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What's your first Minecraft memory?

The most autistic person I knew bugging me to play it and to play on his server.
I did eventually, but only because I had other friends who played it at the time and on that server.

What would be the most useless superpower?

I was going to say that after reading jjba I don't think there could be such a thing as a useless superpower, but then I remembered that Stands like Cheap Trick exist that actively try to kill the user, or Notorious B.I.G. that require the user to die to activate the stand to begin with. Any power that requires the user to die to work would end up being a good contender for "most useless superpower."

What would you do to scare other people, given the chance?

If there weren't so many <5-year-olds out trick-or-treating where I live, I'd probably burst out of the old coffin my dad sets up each year for Halloween.
A lot of the toddlers are usually too scared to go up and knock on the door and have to be encouraged by their parents given how overdecorated the porch usually is. Jumping out of a coffin at that point would just be cruel.

A tall man, muscular and very handsome, aims a banana right in front to your head. He's shirtless.

I assume that I am in the next Jojo part and start posing.

She's not, she just steals my costume and licks a plastic gem she got out of a vending machine.

ChiakiMatsuda’s Profile PhotoChiaki Murderface Matsuda
For fucks sake Esper.
At least lick a real Soul gem, if your mother is anything to go by they should be quite easy to get your hands on.

Is Esper a meguca yet? She seems like she would try to befriend Chiaki, even after being kneecapped.

Going to have to ask @EsperQuestQM that yourself, I'm not her dad and I don't do random Soul gem checks.
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