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Dear friends, I'm sorry for not being available for so long, I was really busy of the tour, I had to go for rehearsals, soudchecks, have fun with all of my amazing fans, We really had a great time on each every show we made in every amazing city we've been. I need to say a big thanks to everyone who was there and supported us and had fun with us, I have to say that I felt like the FIRST TIME we came out and sang in front of so amazing people. The feeling when I saw all these amazing people screaming and singing with us made me feel so so happy. Me and my brothers, are really happy to have friends like you. Cause you're not just fans. You're our friends, our family. And remember, each one of you is beautiful. Never forget that.
I am really going to miss the tour, get ready for a new one, and learn the new song lyrics!
Album is coming out sooner than you think. You're going to get surprised believe me.
Thank you for being amazing friends to us, we really love you, and I'm so sorry for not being online here for so long.

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