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Do you like cricket?

I don’t care for sports, but I will watch them when I’m around family and friends and they are watching it.
Recently I was with family and the cricket was on, and it was pretty boring because my country of New Zealand was playing Sri Lanka and everyone was saying we’d crush them.
All of a sudden one of the Sri Lankan players just starts smashing the ball, and scoring so many points that it looked like Sri Lanki might miraculously win.
The game became incredibly exciting.
Unfortunately we eventually got him out with about 30 points to spare. Sucks that we won, it became a riveting comeback situation. I was on the edge of my seat.
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Who do you love and tell me why.

My wife because she’s really really nice and always supportive and just bizarrely kind, as well as intelligent and good company.

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Have you ever considered being right wing? You'd be more popular and in my opinion happier as well. I don't think socialism is the option for you tbh.


Why are you always so negative and hateful? Dude you need to just lighten up.

It’s because of my difficult childhood

Why were you suspended from Twitter?

I was suspended for truth. The powers that be were scared, because I was about to bust it all WIDE OPEN. I have the documents here. It’s all on the record.
They wanted to shut me up. But they will NEVER stop the people. RISE UP!!!

It's International Cat Day, time to ask the fundamental question: Are cats smarter than dogs?

Is this a serious question! Cats are way smarter than dogs. They are cooler, smarter, better, cooler...AND WAY more smarter.

why do you love new zealand?

Because it is truly an exceptional country. Most modern concepts arose from the infinite well of inspiration and knowledge that is New Zealand. We invented everything that all people hold dear, and are exceptional in terms of everything.

What happened to the series of streams you and Andy Warski did called Fair Enough?

They died because not long after Andy started doing streams with alt-right white supremacists, and in the end he preferred to go in that messed up direction. Just not my scene being around such gross people.

How is life going ?

It’s alright. I am very busy with not online stuff so I lack the time to invest much in that, and that makes me feel a little sad.

How can I help a person with depression?

Just listen and be nice and understanding and hang out with them if they are up for it.

Do you think Count Dankula should've been convicted?

Hopefully get my video about it out tonight, just been stupidly busy.

When are you going to make your next video debunking bearing?

Probably never. I haven’t thought about him in some time.

Do you like BuzzFeed?

I have not liked them for their excessive amounts of clickbait and brainless articles about trendy crap that are entirely vacuous and irritating. But recently they have busted out some surprisingly solid work, such as that awesome article about Milo Yiannopoulos and his connections with Breitbart and white supremacists.

Do you have a favorite video of yours that you made?

rantegalitarian’s Profile PhotoRanting Emojitalitarian
Yes. I would say the video of me interviewing myself as a Nazi historian as dave rubin, and doing the most enabling softball interview of all time. I think it’s a really funny video even though contra did almost the same video not long later to massive acclaim, lol, still proud of it.
Also really like the video where I talked about why giving your name to the pizza delivery people is not the same as being doxed, because people were making such horrible analogies about doxing. That was low hanging but hilarious fruit.

Thick or thin pillow?

I need a medium thickness pillow.
Sometimes when I use a pillow that is too thick it causes neck pain.


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