Ask @ademotivator:

Do you like BuzzFeed?

I have not liked them for their excessive amounts of clickbait and brainless articles about trendy crap that are entirely vacuous and irritating. But recently they have busted out some surprisingly solid work, such as that awesome article about Milo Yiannopoulos and his connections with Breitbart and white supremacists.

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Do you have a favorite video of yours that you made?

Ranting Emojitalitarian
Yes. I would say the video of me interviewing myself as a Nazi historian as dave rubin, and doing the most enabling softball interview of all time. I think it’s a really funny video even though contra did almost the same video not long later to massive acclaim, lol, still proud of it.
Also really like the video where I talked about why giving your name to the pizza delivery people is not the same as being doxed, because people were making such horrible analogies about doxing. That was low hanging but hilarious fruit.

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Do you think it's reasonable to use non Jewish sources in a documentary about Hitler's rise to power in an attempt to avoid Alt Righters dismissing it offhand due to Jewish sources?

Yes. I do think that’s reasonable. If you have a segment for example where you point out none of these particular sources are Jewish.
What is not reasonable however and is pandering to the alt right, is to meticulously avoid any “Jewish” source like the plague for an entire long video. Then it just seems like you are acknowledging fully their narrative that all Jewish people are liars.
A reasonable way of doing it would be to include a segment where you have a bunch of sources that are not Jewish that corroborate other sources you have included. Bending over backwards to make sure not a single point of view in your video is Jewish is just weird.

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What's your philosophy in life?

I think I had more of an ambitious life philosophy when I was younger, perhaps being more idealistic and less cynical.
I spent a ton of time thinking about it, and reading works of philosophy, but realised eventually there’s no actual answer.
These days my philosophy is basically just keep on living, try to be nice, try not to hurt people. Try to be productive.

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