Ask @ademotivator:

Sorry if I'm being rude, but why did it take until August 2018 for you to realise Jimmy Dore is terrible? ( Dore has been awful for years. ( If anything, Seder and Brooks weren't harsh enough.

Because as I say in the video I was clinging to giving him more chances because he does have wonderful rants against corporations and money in politics.

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Do you have a favorite video of yours that you made?

Ranting Emojitalitarian
Yes. I would say the video of me interviewing myself as a Nazi historian as dave rubin, and doing the most enabling softball interview of all time. I think it’s a really funny video even though contra did almost the same video not long later to massive acclaim, lol, still proud of it.
Also really like the video where I talked about why giving your name to the pizza delivery people is not the same as being doxed, because people were making such horrible analogies about doxing. That was low hanging but hilarious fruit.

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