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Doing Tarot readings!! trying to get some practice:) if you're needing to know anything, leave it on my ask fm and i'll do the reading for you

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should i stay in the town I'm living in, or should i try elsewhere, if so, then where?

What's the stupidest thing you'd do if you had a week left to live ?

It's not a stupid thing to do, but I'd really like to know what my daughter looks like now.

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Any plans before summer ends?

Yes, but I'm having a tough time deciding between Macy's and Amazon. I feel like Amazon would have a lot better deals, but with Macy's it would provide more certainty that it was being spent on school clothes.

Do you think a man should be the main provider in a family?

That depends on opportunity and the relationship.

Do you feel sad inside ?

of course, that is a pretty safe assumption for any day or any minute of the past six years

are you ok

I mean it takes a lot of nerve for a person to get upset about an hour and a half wait when he's making me wait six years

Are the vaccines safe?

Got both of mine a little while back, haven't felt any side effects or anything like that


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