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You really filed a police report on me ???

No, I’ll handle the problem myself before ever getting the police involved 😂

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Do you feel you know yourself really well or do you find yourself answering "idk" when asked questions about yourself a lot?

javacow’s Profile PhotoJavacow
Nah I know myself pretty well

One thing I h@te , is for a person to over look AAAALLLLLLLL the good things you do, AAAALLLL the times you showed up, ALLLLLL the things you take care of, AAAALLLL the times things wouldn’t have gotten handled if it wasn’t for you, but instead will try to find and focus on something negative about

NhcNdot’s Profile PhotoNdot Benjis
Broooooo!!!! I know what you mean them the people you gotta keep your distance with. It’s cool to chat with them but have a boundary them the ones that’ll hold you back

you're so antisocial and weird that the ghosts in haunted houses don't want to be your friends either 🥹

Well what if i don’t believe in ghost? 🤔

If someone went up to you and called you hot, what would your reaction be

It’s a compliment so I’d say thank you

Some people just don't know how to LIE. They give away themselves every time. 🤡

Why not just tell the truth 🤷🏿‍♂️ well depends on the situation

Do you find it disrespectful when your girl has male friends that message her all the time with hopes of getting laid and knowing that she still chats with them?

Does she let you text that person back?

Do you still see/talk to your childhood friend(s)?

Nah my childhood/Bestfriend is dead. I don’t really have much friends.

Why would a guy suddenly look at the ground when he sees you, but still stare when you're not looking?

Because they like you

I know my boyfriend ain't shi. He constantly flirts, leads on and sexts other women. One day soon I’ma just pack my things and go 🚶🏾‍♀️

I think you should go now staying is never good unless he changes

What do you do when you’re in love with someone with a restraining order against you?😥💔 obviously besides respect their boundaries/ decision and never contact them again and stay away from them.

I think it’s best to stay away plenty of fish in the sea ya gotta move on in my opinion

Why do people try to force a relationship?

Grac3fulBella86’s Profile PhotoJaiBella
Because they really like someone and instead of getting to know the person they think it’ll workout right away which I think is the wrong way


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