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Is it appropriate to wear yoga pants anywhere but the gym?

Ya. Where whatever you want wherever you want, or nothing if you prefer. If someone has a problem with what you're wearing or not wearing, with very few exceptions that's their problem, not yours.
The only exception being if what you're wearing is a well-recognized symbol of hate, bigotry, or violence.

What quality do you find most important in a person for you to date them?

Riax0x’s Profile PhotoRiax0x
Common interests and tastes and values. We don't have to have everything 100% in common, but we should definitely have a lot in common. Music styles we both love, movie genres, food, sociopolitical values, to some extent hobbies.
Specifics in my case: a partner who is really compatible with my should enjoy:
Anime, chanbara, wushu, wuxia, sci-fi, and fantasy movies.
East, southeast, and south Asian foods, as well as seafood (and not a vegetarian), and generally be an adventurous eater who loves food.
Spending long periods of time listening to music of a single genre or closely related genres. Those genres specifically including:
Techno, acid techno, hard techno, gabber
Hard trance, acid trance, tech trance psytrance, trancecore, Rottertrance
Jungle, breakbeat hardcore, dnb
House, acid house, tribal house, NYC house, Chicago house
Gaming, including for long periods of time
And should be:
Non-religious or non-practicing, regardless of their background.
Progressive left, but neither particularly authoritarian (Communist) nor particularly libertarian (Anarchist).
Autistic or otherwise neurodivergent.

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How to know if someone stalks my Instagram?

They'll let you know by liking all your posts. Alternatively, if they talk about stuff you only share on IG, then you'll know they're seeing your posts.

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What's your favorite place of dating ?😁

prosaeed2’s Profile Photoprosaeed2
A nice quiet restaurant (preferably Japanese or Thai) or pub, where it's easy to have a conversation, and you don't feel rushed to free up the table. Or sitting on a beach watching the sunset. Or staying in and cuddling and watching anime or listening to music.

What song is stuck in your head

janinebean75’s Profile Photojaniner beaner
Not just one song, but mainly a mix, DJ Dean - Tunnel Trance Force Volume 14 (my fave of the series so far (I've listened to up to volume 23), but with Alien Eye - Found A Cafe popping in there at times too.
https://youtu.be/3s1wGhVhnR4?si=Inub3tA24qhhGzaenAbleMedia’s Video 173392087796 3s1wGhVhnR4nAbleMedia’s Video 173392087796 3s1wGhVhnR4
https://youtu.be/_QeTVEZnBv0?si=oUK8l9RYHAcU_Sh6nAbleMedia’s Video 173392087796 _QeTVEZnBv0nAbleMedia’s Video 173392087796 _QeTVEZnBv0
https://youtu.be/eZmJ2CoJHF0?si=2feabx6687h2osptnAbleMedia’s Video 173392087796 eZmJ2CoJHF0nAbleMedia’s Video 173392087796 eZmJ2CoJHF0
There's another song as well that is sometimes popping into my head, but I can't remember exactly what it is. An old jungle tune, probably from '94.

is this actually people close to you posting?

As far as I know, anyone I actually know who used this site quit years ago. But for the most part I have no idea who any of the people posting are, so for all I know, half of them are family and I'd be none the wiser.
Geographically, there's at least 1 other user from Vancouver Island, and I think possibly even another person from the Sooke area. There are also a few from the lower mainland.

Good tune or good lyrics?

Good tune, generally. Most of the music I listen to is instrumental, or just sampled vocals. The stuff that's actually vocal, lots of it is in languages I don't understand, so even if a song has good lyrics, they're often irrelevant to my enjoyment of it.

Do you think you would try to eat toast with ranch and ketchup? Do you think it's a weird food combination? Would you find it good or disgusting?

Xx_ILoveIcecream_Xx’s Profile PhotoXx_ILoveIcecream_Xx
Don't remember which one ranch is, but it doesn't seem that weird. I'd probably be inclined to add some roasted chicken or beef, though, but otherwise it seems like it'd probably be good.

what’s your favourite video game?

AirLovesZombies’s Profile Photo~•Ary•~
I have loads of favourites I love equally. In no particular order:
Grim Fandango
Day of the Tentacle (Maniac Mansion 2; never got into the first one)
Baldur's Gate 1&2 (haven't played 3 yet)
Neverwinter Nights
Borderlands 1&2
Monkey Island 1-3 (4 was ok but not great, 5 was a big letdown, but 6 seems very promising...back to the roots of the series)
Quake 1&2
original Doom 1&2 from the 90s
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (currently playing)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Road Blasters
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms (it's an idle clicker, so not much in the way of gameplay, but it's nice spending time with legendary figures of the Forgotten Realms, such as Bruenor Battlehammer, Drizzt Do'urden, Cattie-brie, Wulfgar, Regis, Thibbledorf Pwent, Jarlaxle Baenre, Artemis Entreri (all R.A. Salvatore characters), Jaheira, Imoen, Minsc, Viconia Devir, and Dynaheir from Baldur's Gate, Deekin Scalesinger from Neverwinter Nights, Melf the elf, Elminster, and many, many others. Also, the writing is often hilarious--especially the kobolds.)
Not generally a fan of platformers, but I love:
Legend of Kage

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What are you doing now

Searching an ice lab for PE065: "Chimera" Best Practices, and thinking about bed.

Curved monitors or regular? Which do you use for gaming?

I didn't upgrade my monitor with my new system, so I'm still using my old 23" 1080p flat monitor. It's adequate for my needs, and since I went about $700 over budget on my system, I probably won't upgrade my monitor for a while.

Do you have any hobbies? If so, what kind?

Xx_ILoveIcecream_XxNewAcc’s Profile PhotoXx_ILoveIcecream_XxNewAcc
Gaming, game modding, making feeble attempts at game development; making and performing music; photography; beer tasting; mango tasting; Japanese KitKat tasting. I want to get into metalworking as well, but my disabilities make that difficult. And I used to be into forex daytrading as well, but haven't done it for several years.

Do you like older guys?

Not really. The 3 guys I currently like are all in their 40s, but generally I'm into teens, and rarely attracted to guys over 20.

What attracts you the most about the opposite sex?

Riax0x’s Profile PhotoRiax0x
Cuteness mainly. If a feminine person has a cute face and a cute personality, I'm not really picky about anything else. Don't care what gender they are or what genitals they have, don't care about the shape or size of their body (though I definitely prefer them short). If they're a bit pervy (or a lot), that's a big bonus though.

Have you ever fought somebody? If yes why?

Riax0x’s Profile PhotoRiax0x
I was bullied as a kid, and tried to fight back a lot of the time. Sometimes they were overwhelmingly strong (my first bully was about 12, and I was 4 or 5, so there wasn't much I could do against him), but some others either overestimated themselves or underestimated me.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Riax0x’s Profile PhotoRiax0x
All over east and southeast Asia, but especially Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines. Mainly for the food.

How do you get insta followers without buying them?

Post interesting content. People are especially interested in attractive girls in lingerie. However, people also seemed to like my photos of romanesco broccoli quite a bit.

If you like music, what type of music are you into?

Xx_ILoveIcecream_XxNewAcc’s Profile PhotoXx_ILoveIcecream_XxNewAcc
I like a broad range, but lately, I mostly listen to hard trance, acid trance, psytrance, and trancecore. Occasionally some happy hardcore, occasionally techno, gabber, jungle, dnb, house. Plus some traditional Irish and Scottish music, and Andean indigenous-style folk.

What is your favourite Canadian band or singer? Mine is The Tragically Hip

ErinFiveV’s Profile PhotoErin
Hmmm...don't really have a favourite. I don't listen to much music by bands or singers these days. As for stuff I used to listen to, some of my faves were Annihilator, Malhavoc, Stan Rogers, and Spirit of the West.
I like The Hip in generally, but I don't know their music well.

What was the last thing you ate ?

aclownlikeme8’s Profile PhotoLottie
I forget. Either a Lindt chocolate bunny, or a ginger cookie. I forget which order I ate them in.

How long is the perfect amount of "fun" with your partner?

2 or 3 sessions per day, about 2 hours per session.

Have you ever lost a close friend from some tragedy?

Riax0x’s Profile PhotoRiax0x
Nope. I've been generally lucky so far. Only 4 of my friends have died in my lifetime, and 2 crushes, and only one of them I would call a close friend. He died from complications of surgery; he was in his late 70s or early 80s. The other 3 friends died from sudden illnesses, while the two crushes died by suicide (I think) and murder respectively.
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Night owl or day person?

Riax0x’s Profile PhotoRiax0x
Mostly a night owl, but not always. I have a non-24 hour circadian rhythm disorder, so there's not really any pattern to whether I'm awake or asleep at any given time. Generally I sleep anywhere from 6 to 15 hours, then I'm awake for 22 to 28 hours (not including dozing off, which happens frequently) before sleeping again.
However, I do seem to have an affinity for the night, so I'm more likely to be asleep during the day, and more likely to be awake at night. Today I went to bed at 5:30am and got up at 7pm.

Have you ever moved to another country?

FrostyFilipina’s Profile PhotoFrostyFilipina
I haven't. My dad's an immigrant, came to Canada when he was 12, but I've lived here all my life, in BC, then Ontario, then back to BC.

Do you like dogs? If so, what type(s) of dogs are your favorite? If not, do you like cats? If so, what type(s) are your favorite? ( If you have any favorite types of either dogs, cats, or both that is)

Xx_ILoveIcecream_Xx’s Profile PhotoXx_ILoveIcecream_Xx
I like cats and dogs equally. My favourite cats are fluffballs. My favourite dogs are Tanuki, New Guinea Singing Dogs, Wolves, Wolfdogs, Huskies, Malamutes, Newfoundlands, Tibetan Mastiffs, Leonbergers, Finnish Lapphunds, Poulis, Kommondors, St. Bernards, Great Pyrenees, Bernese Mountain Dogs, which are also all fluffballs with the exception of singing dogs, Poulis, and Kommondors (singing dogs are a subspecies of dingo, and short-haired, while poulis are mop-dogs, and kommondors are the same as poulis but 5x the size). I especially like giant fluffballs, though tanuki, my #1 fave, are fairly small.

What gets in your eyes when you are upset?

June bugs. They get into your eyes any time, but especially when it's guaranteed to cause the greatest amount of inconvenience or discomfort. They're chaotic evil creatures that just love to see the world burn.

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What's your go to order for subway?

LightlyWhimsical’s Profile PhotoSky ☁️
It's been so long since I got anything there, I don't think they make it any more. I just went to look at the menu, and I think they were so surprised to see me their website crashed.
Anyway, the bread I like used to be called parmesan oregano, but I think they changed the name. As for the filling, the one I usually got was a chicken one, though I also love the tuna sub, and the seafood (imitation crab) sub, which I don't think they have any more, and the pork rib sub, which it also seems they no longer have. Nowadays (looking at the menu on doordash) I'm most likely to go with the sweet onion chicken teriyaki, but sometimes the steak and cheese, sometimes the steak'n'bacon, sometimes the stampede brisket. Definitely a footlong, though that's sometimes two meals. Topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, pickles, whatever sauce goes with what I order, plus extra mayo, and salt and pepper.

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What is the most disturbing movie you’ve ever seen?

That's a tough one. I've seen a few. Off the top of my head, could be Joker, or Tetsuo. Or maybe Triumph of the Will, though I've only seen bits of it. Directed by Leni Riefenstahl, it's basically a documentary (with a very favourable bent) about her boyfriend, Adolph Hitler.

What’s the worst social media app in your opinion?

Well, there's one (several in fact) run by actual, literal, neo-nazis. And not only is it white supremacist and anti-semitic and islamophobic and all that, but their security is absolute shit. A hacker was able to obtain the name, address, phone number, date of birth, credit card number, and card verification code for every member of the site, because all that data was stored in unencrypted plain text on public-facing servers.

Are socially awkward people doomed from the start?

Ya, pretty much. Almost every job out there relies on social skills, and getting hired depends heavily on personal connections. Relationships are super hard for us, but lack of strong relationships is bad for our mental and physical health, and also makes us more vulnerable to abusive behaviours such as love-bombing and radicalization.

What questions do you have about AGILITY?

How can I boost my agi when the nerves connecting my brain to my muscles are wrecked?

How do people commit when there are so many beauties in the world?

Aye. Not only that, love is like a candle. The flame of a candle is not diminished by lighting another candle with it, nor is it diminished the more candles you light. Lighting many candles with your flame fills the world with light and warmth.

Do u think it's an evil world we live in?

No. The world isn't evil. A small number of people choose to be evil, but many of those people wield a great deal of power. Still, they're only powerful until we unite against them, so they invest great effort in keeping us divided.

Do you like Trudeau?

No. He's a snake. Not that I'm fond of Liberals in general (though they have a few good people), but he's a neo-conservative in Liberal clothing, capitalizing on his name, his father's reputation, and his looks, pretending to be a Liberal while having politics more in line with mainstream conservatism (but not far-right extremists like Polievre). He thoroughly dropped the ball in the early stages of the pandemic because he's completely beholden to corporate interests, and he put money ahead of human lives. He failed to put in place policies to prevent the spread of the virus, while at the same time undermining the efforts of public health officials and health care workers to get the public involved in slowing the spread of the virus. A lot fewer people trust doctors, epidemiologists, public health officials, etc, largely because of him waffling on measures to keep people home and support them.
Aside from all that, I just find him rather sleazy.

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Would you date someone who doesn't have a job?

In this economy, I'd be seriously limiting myself if I didn't. I already get zero dates, if I limited myself to only people with jobs, I'd be into negative numbers.

What is your favourite pizza ?

I have a few faves I love equally:
BBQ sauce, beef, bacon, mushroom, onion, cheese (aka the bacon cheeseburger)
Teriyaki sauce, chicken, pineapple, mushroom, onion, cheese
Basil pesto, chicken, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, mozzarella, and parmesan, garlic butter; shrimp is a good addition to this one too
Okonomiyaki sauce, teriyaki chicken and onion, ham, smoked gouda
Tomato sauce, prosciutto, pear slices, brie
Basil pesto, imitation crabmeat, shrimp, smoked salmon, mozzarella and provolone, garlic butter, lightly torched
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How do you see yourself in one year?

I'm hoping I'll have recovered from long COVID by then. It's been 13 months and I've had no noticeable improvement.

What are you doing now ❤️

Just finished eating supper. Currently eating some frozen dragonfruit for dessert, playing Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, and listening to and downloading old Tunnel Trance Force mix CDs on youtube. Will start up my Ragnarok Online server once I finish dessert.

What conspiracy theory do you believe is true?

The Tuskegee Experiment: From 1932 to 1972, the US Department of Health conducted a study of the epidemiology of untreated syphilis on 600 unsuspecting Black men in Macon County, Alabama. They offered the subjects "vitamin shots" and other supposed health care, but actually interfered with their health care and prevented those who were already infected with syphilis from getting it treated, even though it was curable at the time. There are rumours, though unsubstantiated, that some of them were intentionally infected. They were also never informed that they were diagnosed, resulting in 40 partners being infected, and 19 children being born with the disease. The study only ended after details of it were leaked to the press.
Mk Ultra: The US Department of Defense conducted experiments in using various drugs to control civil unrest and keep civilian populations peaceful during a crisis. One drug, though, LSD, had the opposite effect. Distributed through the town's water supply (I don't remember which town), it caused the unsuspecting population to behave erratically, and in some cases psychotically, leading to massive riots. The National Guard had to be called in to quell the unrest, and were never informed that it was part of a US Military operation.

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What’s your squat PR?

Not much. 130 or 140 (plus my own weight, which was about 220 at the time), back in high school.

Transgenderism should be treated as a serious crime with death penalties

Anyone who believes that is 100%, without question, a trans person who hates theirself for being trans, and projects that hate onto others.


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