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Is it ok for a man to cheat on his gf is she is constantly ignoring him and not having sex with him

No. He should break up with her in that situation. After all, they're no longer in anything that could reasonably be described as a relationship. So they should just go ahead and make it formal.

Did you hear about stabbing in downtown Vancouver? Why people in Canada don’t give a sh about someone in front of them is dying and continue drinking their coffee?

Ya. The victim's sister is one of my major crushes...heard about it from her. Such a terrible event. Didn't hear many details though, but I do know about the person who filmed it and posted it on social media.

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Imagine calling the cops for harrassment but u end up getting charged in the end💀💀

lucy444morningstar’s Profile PhotoKickrocksbabe
Lots of cops are stalkers, rapists, abusers, serial killers, fascists. Those sorts of people are attracted to the job, and they protect their own.

Do you think women with high body count deserve to have a loyal bf?

Yes. Unless they'd prefer a loyal girlfriend. Or several of each. Whatever works for them.

What was your age when you got your first girlfriend.

Our mothers became friends in pre-natal classes, and she was born about 2 weeks after me. So about 2 weeks old.

Do you have any hobbies?

MGE24858’s Profile PhotoMGE 110
Making music, photography, gaming, game modding, dabbling in game development, dabbling in writing, cooking, creating recipes, beer tasting, mango tasting, Japanese KitKat tasting. Also into martial arts, but my disabilities prevent me from training.

What is the best cheese

There are several I like equally, but I would say that the objectively best cheese is definitely mozzarella. It's smooth, creamy, and mild, not sharp or bitter or stinky, soft but not so soft it's hard to work with. It melts beautifully, and its character changes dramatically depending on its temperature, yet it's delicious chilled, room temperature, warm, hot, melted, slightly burned, and most of all, browned and bubbling. Add salt and you get more changes in character. And it goes great with pretty much anything. Of course it's the quintessential pizza cheese, but it's also great in sandwiches of many kinds, soups, casseroles, pastries, salads, and deep-fried anything. It's also delicious on its own, or with a dip.
That said, I do love others just as much:
Parmesan (whether Parmigiano Reggiano or l'Ancestre (a Canadian parmesan that's about 90% as good as Parmigiano Reggiano, but about half the price)
Verdelait (a variety created by Natural Pastures dairy on Vancouver Island, that combines properties of mozzarella, cheddar, and Gouda)
Smoked Gouda
I currently have some Double Gloucester, an import from England, and I have to say it's very nice. Quite mild, just a hint of sharpness, creamy, and somewhat sweet. Definitely recommended. A similar recommendation is Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar, an import from Wales. I'm normally not a fan of cheddar, but I like this cheddar very much. If you want a cheddar that's mild, creamy, easy on the palate, but still has the general flavour of cheddar, you can't go wrong with this one.

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Dating site small talk or just set a date up right away?

I prefer to take the time to get to know someone online before meeting in person. But maybe take it off the dating site and onto social media, once we're both comfortable with that, as you can know someone a lot better by their interactions with their friends and family, compared to interacting with them one-on-one.

Is she loyal even though she lies?

danieljforgets’s Profile PhotoDeeman Santana
She might be. Though they're tangentially related, there's no direct causative link between dishonesty and disloyalty. People have all sorts of reasons for lying, including mental illness, many of which have no bearing on what they're actually like.
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do you use online chatrooms?

notmort9’s Profile Photoanna
I haven't in a long time. I log into BayMOO once or twice a year, but that's the closest I get.

what’s a song that makes u think of someone?

The Cranberries - Zombie. Reminds me of an online friend who died in a car accident when I was in college--it was her favourite song.

Worst video game you’ve ever played? Me personally, borderlands or Skyrim. Just wasn’t for me

sprosick’s Profile PhotoSierra Prosick
Hmmm....tough question, cuz I've played A LOT of games; been gaming for nearly 45 years. Haven't played Skyrim, but Borderlands is one of my favourites.
Most disappointing in recent years: Monkey Island 5 (Tales From Monkey Island). This was a huge disappointment, because Monkey Island 1-3 are among my favourite games; Monkey Island 4 is not nearly as good, but still decent. But 5 has serious accessibility issues, in the controls, and in puzzles that depend on good hearing. Plus game-breaking bugs. I got stuck on a puzzle in chapter 1, that wasn't working the way it was supposed to work, and never got back to the game. The chapters can be played independently, but that doesn't really seem right for an adventure game, and apparently the game is full of those audio puzzles. However, Monkey Island 6 looks like it's going back to the roots of the series, and I have high hopes for it.
Disappointing but not because it's bad: I was really looking forward to playing Night In The Woods, but I'm unable to play it because the conversation system triggers my social anxiety. I still definitely recommend the game though.
Worst ever...I'm thinking it was likely a coin-op (arcade game), probably something from the 1980s, but probably in the form of a MAME ROM. I've got a coupla thousand of those kicking around somewhere, but haven't played any of them in many years...been focused more on the 2000+ games in my Steam and GOG libraries, in addition to repeatedly playing Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, and in the past, various MMORPGs.

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Ever yell at someone with tears dripping off your face like a faucet?

Nope, can't say I have. Well, maybe when I was, like, 4.

Do you have a hobby?

Making music, photography, gaming, game modding, dabbling in game development, dabbling in writing, cooking, creating recipes, beer tasting, mango tasting, Japanese KitKat tasting. Also into martial arts, but my disabilities prevent me from training.

What attracts a person to you?

Good question. I really have no idea. One thing I have noticed is that girls who like me tend to be into country music. I can't stand country music. But it does make me wonder what I have in common with country music that makes certain girls like both it and me.

Are the cow boys in Canada? Like what we see in Texas

Yep. Alberta is ranch country, so that's where you'll find the greatest concentration of them in the country, but they can be found throughout the rest of the country as well. Probably more of them here than in Texas, for that matter.

What is on your mind right now

My brain is flitting randomly between a bunch of different Bob Marley songs. Apart from that, games, hunger, and my stomach's a bit upset.

what would you do if you made a lot of money like a billion dollars?

I'd create a couple of non-profit free health care providers, one specifically for transgender and intersex health care (I plan to do this anyway, through crowdfunding). I'd also create a humanitarian aid agency focused mainly on triage, infrastructure, and support, basically what the Red Cross could excel at if they hired me as their CEO, and if they weren't saddled with all the baggage of their history of being the Red Cross (see the main complaints regarding their actions in Haiti and elsewhere)(I'd like to do this anyway, maybe through crowdfunding, but I would need to raise a few million dollars to even get it off the ground). I'd also create a for-profit, but not primarily for-profit, traditional language and knowledge preservation and revitalization and publishing organization (I plan to do this anyway, somehow). And I'd create ethically-driven social media and online retail platforms; ethical alternatives to Amazon, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. I'd also create a game development company.
Aside from that, I'd make sure my family and friends, and myself, are financially secure, pay off some people's medical debt, and pick up a bunch of photo gear and audio gear.

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Cat or dog?

I like both equally, but currently I want 2 dogs: a small cuddly and lazy fluffball (a tanuki would be ideal, but they're kinda hard to come by around here), and a giant cuddly and lazy fluffball (Newfoundlands are my fave, but they drool too much, so maybe a Tibetan mastiff, maybe a Leonberger, maybe a St. Bernard, maybe a Great Pyrenees). Alternatively, I'd take a matching set of Pouli and Kommondor (little mop dog and big mop dog).

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Anyone here consider themselves a night owl?

Usually. I got up around 9pm tonight (went to bed around 2:30pm).

When was the last time you slept more than nine hours?

arishaloulos1’s Profile PhotoAris
Hmmm...a few weeks ago, maybe. I mostly get 4-6 hours of sleep a night, so I'm always exhausted, but I know I slept for nearly 12 hours one night not too long ago. Wish I could do that every night, but it's more like one night every couple of months.

Could you live in a fallout bunker for 10 years straight without going outside?

ZartPlanet’s Profile PhotoFreddy Fazbear
As long as I've got plenty of cute girls and plenty of video games to keep me occupied.

would you rather see things that arent there or hear things that arent there 👀

notmort9’s Profile Photoanna
Already sometimes hear things that aren't there, or maybe are or maybe aren't, but I can't see them, and it sometimes freaks me out. Visual hallucinations would probably be easier to dismiss, but sticking with auditory hallucinations would mean no change.

ever had smoked salmon?

Aye. Dry smoked, wet smoked (lox, graavlax), flavour smoked, candied. Eat it pretty frequently.

do you speak any other language ?

notmort9’s Profile Photoanna
Nihongo ga sukosi wakarimasu, demo totemo sukosi desu. Je ne parlent pas le beaucoup de francais, mais je comprends le petit peux. Mon grammaire est merde. I can understand most Patois and Scots, but can't really speak them.

Do you like snow?

Christinewhat’s Profile PhotoChrisje
I love snow, but I can't handle cold like I used to. Or at all, really. So I only really enjoy snow when it's outside and I'm inside.

what's your favorite video game

notmort9’s Profile Photoanna
Lots of faves, in no particular order:
Grim Fandango
Baldur's Gate 1&2
Neverwinter Nights
The Witcher 1-3
Borderlands 1&2
Quake 1&2, and the Rise of the Phoenix RPG conversion for Quake 1
Road Blasters
Monkey Island 1-3
Day of the Tentacle (Maniac Mansion 2)
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
The Bard's Tale
X-COM: Enemy Unknown/Within
Far Cry 1-3 (though I only ever got about 1/4 of the way through 1...but that was due to difficulty and my disability, not lack of enjoyment)
Dark Fall 1&2
Syberia 1&2

If people judge you through "secret" cameras they put in your house, should you do whatever possible to destroy their already clearly disturbed minds?

quatrain66’s Profile PhotoAlex Bott
Ya, definitely.

Ibuprofen or Advil?

Advil IS ibuprofen. As long as the dosage is the same, I don't care whether I use name brand or generic, but I generally go with name brand (Advil). Should note that I'm rarely the one who actually buys it, my parents buy it for me when I need it, so it's not me making that choice.


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