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What does it indicate or mean when a guy/girl makes you feel basic or they don’t take what you say very seriously? Have you ever came across/had experience with someone like that?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Yeah Ive experienced that and honestly don't take it seriously. If its not meant to happen then it's not meant to happen.

If someone truly loves you they will never give up hope ? But is it fair to be lead by someone who says they love you but is never there when you need them? When is enough, enough

freespirt15737’s Profile Photofreespirt
Leave them.

Why did you leave your friends

I would never abandon my friends I just decided to take a huge break from social media , I have reached out to them on Instagram.

Would you rather be 4x as smart as everyone in your friend group or have everyone in your friend group be 4x smarter than you?

David_Blanes’s Profile PhotoJluen (Dante is dead)
Bro this is an easy question but in all honesty I do want to be the smart friend in the group
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There is nothing you can do to force someone to love or marry you. You need help like seriously get a life

I am not forcing anyone to do anything at all. Maybe you should get a reality check. And yes I do have a life, I live in reality not in college.

So my new girl is demanding I tell you the truth but I really don't want to hurt you anymore

Tell the truth and I will accept it.

Do you ever feel tense and/or on edge when talking to someone and do you think that’s a sign of incompatibility?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
It’s definitely a sign of incompatibility

Do you ever find it pointless to talk to therapists or others because you find it hard to believe that people can truly understand and/or help you?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I believed the same thing but just realize that they do their job for a reason because they care

Scenario: You're in the middle of the ocean. You can only save one person, Who do you save your friendship or your relationship

My friendship

I honestly forgot about u. Just came on here because God told me something and I wanted to laugh in your face lol. I thought I had to earn you 💀 you had to earn me but I had bo clue LMFAO. It’s fr like a movie and it’s crazy you gonna be stuck forever lol

I don’t understand

All I do is sit here, get high, and think of you. Not for a lack of trying to fucking let you go. At this point you know what you're doing is fucking torturing me and at this point I should know that you don't care, you said it yourself I just wish that you never said you loved me... DUMBASSHOLE🖕🏻



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