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Mercy, my one and only! Time has no domain over my total and utter infatuation with the timeless charm that is YOU😍🌹❤️🌹

When will I know who you are when you are brave? Send me a message showing your name 😈
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Delighted I make you smile Mercy, I wish you all the happiness that your precious heart can embrace, May next year see your dreams come true. All my affection and respect. Your secret friend to be! ♥️🌹♥️

Hhh I don’t know what I should say but I wish to you happiness too
Okay my secret friend At least give me your account on any app so we can talk 🤷🏽‍♀️

#Haha! Well I am glad! You deserve every happiness baby! I wish a healthy and happy new year, preferably head over heals in love with me! 😂😍😍😍

When I know you first !!🙂before falling love with you
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احكيلنا شي

الرحلة اللي بين " اوووف ليش بصير معي هيك " ل " انا السبب لا اله إلا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين " رحلة طويلة وشاقة معبية لوم..
اختصرها قد ما تقدر❤

لو كنتِ شعور شو بتكوني؟

أعتقد إني لو كنت شعور رح أكون الامتنان..
بمتن حتى للمشاكل ، لاكل الهوا .. ولكثير شغلات


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