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If she doesn't have a fear of losing you, she doesn't really love you. True or false?

False. Who takes a break up harder? The person who knew it was coming, or the person that had no idea the other person was unhappy?

do you believe in witchcraft... both magic and black magic?

If we take the term magic and switch it with energy, and then add the fact that people don't have the ability to manipulate it the way they would like to think they do, then yes.
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Is blood always thicker than water… think about it

The whole idiom as it was first written is "Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb." This idiom means bloodshed on the battlefield creates stronger ties than family.

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Do you care about how people might perceive you or what they’ll think about you going off of your posts on here?

I do for a moment and then I think about all the dumb shit I watch people do and say on a daily basis and remember that people aren't that bright so there's no reason to ever give a fuck about their opinion.

Do you think your childhood affects the way you love?

Your childhood affects everything about everything you do as an adult. Whether it be positive or negative good or bad right or wrong everyone is a product of their environment both of what they went through and where they came from whether they like it or not. Whether they remain that, they have a choice over.

Does anybody even use this anymore?

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I'm sure half of the little emo post are bots or employees. I don't think it's going to have the same traffic as Twitter or anything but it's not completely taken over by spam.

Would you stay in an isolated cabin for three months - no internet, cell phone, tv. No communication with anyone, no pets. For $100,000

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Add a zero and then maybe we can have a conversation about it but $100,000 for that no not worth it. I get anxious and start to panic when I'm holding my cell phone it just doesn't work because my family still lives in Podunk who the f cares middle of nowhere.

Are you in competition with anyone?

This exact moment no. Can that change in I don't know about 2 seconds yes.

Would you accept someone back into your life if they ghosted you for months and then decided to make an appearance again and their excuse for ghosting you was them being “too busy”?

It depends on what role they played in my life in the first place, whether they can be useful, and whether it is going to cause any conflicts anywhere else.

Have you ever searched for your ex?

No. She's an ex for a reason, there were no children between us, which means there's no reason to communicate.

Thinking about making an OnlyFans 😂 should I ?

Do you want to? Because that's really all that matters I mean unless you're married or something then the spouse might you know have a right to have a vote or at least voice an opinion.

I really need some help quitting my addiction

I've never successfully quit anything I've just supplemented how to supplement it for something else


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