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hey I like you

a message to any girls out there ;
i hope you know you aren't just an object. or a sex appeal to us men. you are smart. you are kind. you are creative. you are loved. and you are beautiful. you aren't just a potenial girlfriennd or spouse. you can be a doctor, writer, author, architect, or teacher. yes, us men expect stuff, but know that you are more than able and more than capable.
a man who knows your worth.

who this

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sappy but who cares.
i'm thankful for this long lasting bro. who's been by my side. been there for me. made me laugh. always given me good advice. shown me what a friend is. you are awesome. you are fantastic. and i love who you and i am proud of how far you've come. you're the strongest person i know and i'm proud to call you my best friend.
thank you for being my brother.


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