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Kya aap k pass zindagiaan barbaad karne waale screenshots hain? ?

Rameesha Ahmad. ©
Yea i have, But i am not that type of person who ruins other’s life. Agr koi ap k sath nhi rehna chahta to it’s his/her choice. Haan bura lagta hai, Afsos hota hai pr banda kisi ko apny sath zbrdasti nhi rakh skta. Rakh b ly to you will not get that satisfaction. I took those screenshots so that i can show them to her after some years but she left! Now its her choice to stay with me or with anyone else, I can just say “Khush raho, Abaad raho and never let any man mistreat you”

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Are you a Leader or a Follower? ?

Agree or not but i was monitor of my class from 1-6 Ten became proctor from 7 to 10 then CR and now CR in university and hope so upcoming president of department. most People says that "Kutta ban jao CR na bano, But in my opinion CRship is an honor, You have to merge your class, you have to make your class as unit, i think i have the ability to do so..

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Do u Love Chatting with those people who don't stop chatting even after saying good bye ?? ?

Shahrukh Yousafzai
I love to chat with those who are close to my heart. But most peoples chat with me on the basis of their need, Peoples treat me as a Bunny , they tell their secrets, they tell their stories, good or bad memories But never ask for mine ..
I always say " Shikway hazaar , baatein hazaar, koi sunta nhi , koi poochta nhi"
But i love to be their bandage, if i could be the one who can turn everyone's mood , then Why not ?

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Does Love Have any Side Effects?? ❤️?

I think everything has its effects, Some are positive but some has bad effects. Nothing is complete so as love. Love with your Country needs your sacrifice, Love your Family needs your time, Love your friends needs your loyalty, Love your bae bounds you, You think this is good to be caring but same time she has doubt and fear to lose you.

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