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If someone was aggressively banging on your front door, would you panic?

no i'd let my dogs out on them

what's your fav activity to do? besides the regular women stuff like taking care of the house, children and husband?


Have you accomplished anything today?

i cleaned my whole house. monkin had a play date for like 6 hours that just ended. now i'm doing more laundry and trying to get bby to sleep.

Is there a huge difference in mentality, maturity etc. between a 18/19 year old and a 28/29 year old?


Do you put sun cream on when you go out in the sun

ummmmm i try to remember every time. but i forget.

Have you bought anything from HATCH? they're a brand that specializes in maternity clothing. I'm looking for a gift for a pregnant friend, and this brand has some really nice clothes that are susteinable/eco-friendly, so they seem like an ethical brand. Recomendations are also welcome!

no i've never really bought maternity clothes if i'm being honest. i just would buy larger shirts and wear leggings.

How are you?

good. bored. my older kids are staying a few nights w my grandparents so it's just me and the wittle boys (and justin ofc)


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