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What kind of name is Rhys only a brit would name their offspring something so bullying attracting

everyone rhys i know of is american.

🌭 You can only use 3 confiments for the rest of your life (including salad dressings) which 3 do you choose?

buffalo sauce, blue cheese, honey mustard

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if someone who doesnt even work outside their house and has no children gets a cleaning lady dont u think thats lazyness? whats so hard to clean after ur self

no i think that’s brilliant. i should do the same.

What's a place/city in your opinion is over-hyped and over-rated? I personally think LA sucks, NY is crowded, expensive, and full of rats and Vegas is basically a desert with like 5 buildings for ol' men to gamble.

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What are your kids activities now that it's summer holiday?

well they’ve been out for the summer since may 20. but they’ve gone and visited their grandparents in illinois. now gavin is at my grandparents and him and kendall will switch off in a week. then we’re going on a few mini vacations and filling the gap with lake days.

Has the doctor told you to make some lifestyle changes to prevent the risk of anothe aneurysm attack Like the obvious ones - healthy diet, exercise, no smoking no alcohol etc

i’ve never had a ruptured aneurysm. mine is unruptured. and no, just can’t scuba dive and i take a precautionary BP med. i already didn’t drink or smoke.

do you think our gen was better? i'm a bit younger than you by 3 years, but we're the same gen. we had modern technology like internet and cell phones, but we also had what boomers call it "real life". whereas gavin's generation for example, they're way more technology raised and less "reality".

i think it has to do with parenting and what is and isn’t allowed. just as i wasn’t allowed to sit in front of a computer all day or be on the phone all day, neither are my children.
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16? why so late.

bc internet wasn’t like….. so important i guess lol. we al had myspace but we all had better things to do than be online all day lmao. plus smart phones weren’t a thing. you couldn’t just get on the internet on your phone. you had to be home and connected to the internet.


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