Ask @syazanazura:

how much time do you spend online everyday? Yes including phone and pc time. What is a healthy amount of time to spend with electronics in your opinion?

I probably spend a lot more hours on the internet now as compared to when I was studying previously, mostly because (1) when I’m bored, I go on Twitter and Reddit, and (2) I use the internet to work when I’m in the office.
This is an attachment of my internet usage through my laptop last week (laptop only because I don’t think RescueTime has an app for Apple, they have one on Android that I used on my old phone).
There is no “healthy” amount of time that you can spend on the internet, because every person is different. Some may use the internet for learning purposes, others for work, others for self-development or self-growth.
As long as you don’t spend too much time on the internet/social media until you forgo your real life and socializing with real people, that should be fine. Just be sure to keep in mind that whatever it is you see in social media or the internet, take it with a bit of salt.

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What is your opinion of love? Is it permissible for them to do what they want, or are there red lines that they shouldnt skip?

Love is to cherish, to care. Loving someone does not mean possessing them, restricting their every move or limiting their life to only pleasing you. To be in love means to cherish one another, to care for each other’s wellbeing and to work together for a better future together.
Of course, when you’re together and in love, there are things to consider and take into account. While you are of your own person, there are things that you cannot do, if you are “truly in love” with them. Your actions have to reciprocate that “love” that you have - to show and prove that you do love them. This includes acting and behaving in ways that do not offend, hurt or scare each other in many ways (i.e. being dishonest, physically hurting or having an affair).

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Is there anyone here having long distance relationship? How do you survive.

Had LDR for about 4 years previously, 1 year from Malaysia to US (~9,000 miles), 3 years from Illinois to Wisconsin (equivalent from KL to Kedah).
Most important part of LDR is communication. You need to learn how to communicate with each other. This is more than just saying “I love you” to each other every day. But includes how you guys talk to each other about your day, giving each other time to share your stories, how to argue properly, how to listen and understand each other.
Second part is trust. Trust is vital to a relationship, and no relationship, LDR or not, can last without trust.

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Girls kat luar sana please la pakai tudung tu labuhkan tutup dada . Hang ingat lawa ka hang duk tayang , laki pon x hingin la nak tengok. Meluat

Guys kat luar sana please la jaga mata dan otak tu. Dah tahu otak dan perangai jijik tu boleh belajar jaga perlakuan la kot, kau ingat perempuan teringin la kat kau. Meluat.

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