Ask @syazanazura:

Do you think people who are over-confident, interactive with many acquaintances are shallow?

If I answered yes, that would probably mean I’m a shallow person and a lot of my friends are shallow as well.
Which is probably not true, so I’d go for a no.
But from an outsider’s point of view, especially strangers, yes, they may come off as shallow because you only see their lives from their outward personality and social media updates. Online personas are always so much different than real life personas though (like, even for me, the online Nazu and the real life Syaza is so different), because you get to choose what to portray to the world online. So that’s probably why it comes off as a little shallow sometimes.

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In your opinion; What is the best way to impress a girl?

By being true to yourself.
People try to hard to impress others that they sometimes lose track of what’s important - being themselves. They try so hard to look “cooler” or more popular or trying so hard to fit in, when everyone’s born with different sets of personalities and skills and everyone’s just supposed to stand out and be different.

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