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Are you a morning person? Why?/Why not?

Defo not and no reasons why.

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Which one? Choose someone i love or choose someone who loves me?

Why not both?

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That awkward moment when....

...I have no idea what it is you want me to say.

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Post a picture of what in front of you rn

On [my] bed (aka a futon mattress on the floor) in my junior's room 😂

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Baju panas / Baju sejuk ? Mana satu yg betul eh?

Persoalan yang baik, aku pun tak sure 😂

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Currently jumpa rumah2 yg harga berpatutan but the only prob is furniture in madison. Any ideas like where to buy cheap furnitures? Or is it just better to rent furnished house/apartments?

1. If you plan to live in the same house for 3/4 years (or plan to at least use the furnitures for more than two years), I'll recommend buying good furniture that can last long (Amazon, Walmart are some examples). I bought my study desk and chair from Amazon my sophomore year and used it up to graduation.

2. Madison Friends of International Students (MFIS) has a furniture renting program, check that out.

3. Thrift stores.

4. Buy used furnitures from seniors (either MSA Marketplace or Free and For Sale - UW-Madison punya group)

5. Yang penting when you get here is just a mattress. Everything else can get later, so you have plenty of time to shop around and all.

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Apakah tanda2 kematangan pada seseorang?

Kematangan ada banyak jenis, contohnya:

1. Tak emo bila orang criticize for their own good/improvement, i.e. boleh menerima teguran.
2. Pentingkan apa yang patut dalam hidup, i.e. tahu bila boleh pergi shopping/jalan and bila kena kerja/study, etc.
3. Pandai simpan duit, untuk kahwin/masa depan/kecemasan.
4. X gUneRw eJaAn meRapuew McaRm nIew.
5. Pandai berhenti berfikir sebelum cakap apa2.

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Knp perempuan pakai makeup eh?

Sila tanya perempuan yang pakai make-up ye.

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The school holiday is coming closer and closer. What is your one great plan for summer holidays?

Get a full-time job 😂

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Can you share about something normal for you but people think it is awesome/unique?

The fact that I can stay awake for my overnight shifts (12-8am) without coffee, ever.

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Akak, ada tak kawan atau junior akak kat sana yang belajar act math? How can I contact him or her?😁. Nak tau mana lect yg okay hehe

Boleh cari Afiq Shahrom or Shariff Sarip on Twitter (aku selalu mention dyorang) or Facebook.

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Mana nak beli used textbook yg murah dkt wisconsin madison? And time bila ada buku2 tu?? Also, sale for winter biasa start bila? And which store yang biasa org shopping baju murah😆

Buku beli online (Amazon, eBay) or from seniors (Malaysians/non-Malaysians). Ada a few groups on Fb untuk beli/jual textbooks and all.

Sale winter clothes maybe can cari masa Black Friday (end of Nov). Or boleh cari kat thrift stores.

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Just read your post on KTJ, wondering what are the chances of being accepted into sixth form with 2A 4B 4C ?

Not too sure. I left KTJ >5 years ago, might be best to ask the school about it.

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When is the right time to tell your feeling to the person you like(confession)?

That depends entirely up to you.

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Current fav song?? Why???

Nathan Sykes - Over and Over Again. Just because.

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What's a truth you find hard to accept?


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Days will pass, and you’ll abandon things you were addicted to, and leave someone, and cancel a dream, and finally, accept a reality. Right?


I still am addicted and obsessed with Sword Art Online and Kuroko No Basuke, still with my boyfriend of 4+ years, and still chasing my dream of finally having a foundation started.

So, no.

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Do you love kdrama?


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describe your favourite method of procrastination. can you come up with a more productive one?

Sleeping. More productive will be binge-watching Netflix.

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Travel alone or with friends? Why?

Depends on where the destination is and for how long.

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Syaza Nazura

If anyone's interested (and have yet to submit a request) to get an Eid card (for free!), please let me know!

Do fill up this form for me ->

I'll try my best to finish writing all of them and post them as soon as I arrive in Malaysia (~June 15th).

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Why only have teachers day but not lecturer day?

They should probably have it as Educator's Day

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Where did you live at Wisconsin? How do I found a house there? huhuhu is it better to get a townhouse or an apartment?

Freshman year I lived in the dorms (Barnard Hall). Sophomore year I lived in a high-rise apartment (La Ciel Apartments), with three other girls (all from Malaysia). Junior and senior year I lived alone in a studio (Ann Emery Apartment).

You can Google up Campus Downtown & Living Madison, or just property managements in Madison (MPM, FMI, CHT, etc), and look up at their apartments and houses that they have.

And it all depends on if you are living with a small group of friends, or if you guys have a bigger group. I prefer an apartment, rather than a townhouse, but to each his own, perhaps, since I know some people prefer townhouses. Also, look at what's included in the rent. Find one that will {AT LEAST] include heat in the rent. Electricity will usually not be included, same goes to internet, but if you find a reasonable one that includes all utilities (heat, water, electricity, internet, garbage disposal, etc), then that's good as well.

Location-wise depends on what's your major, how far you're willing to stay at and how you are with travelling/commuting to work/class. I live in Ann Emery, ~10 minutes walk to both of my on-campus jobs, and especially close to the library since I need to go to work in the middle of the night, so while it is a little more expensive, it is also the safer option for me since I can go out and walk to work at 11:45pm alone.

Utilize Facebook groups (either the MSA, or the New UW-Madison Sublet and Roommate Board) to find people to stay with or rent from or something.

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Akak goodluck ok utk majlis graduation tu . Jgn lupa buat live video dkt facebook ! Jump around 🎓

Thank you! :)

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Kenapa kak long madison? First female student kat situ ke cne? 😬

Nahhh. Kaklong Madison just because lol.

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