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Kitorang tak pernah cakap. I only stalk him and i like his personality. His family and his circle shows that he is a good guy.

Then that goes into a different thing. Would you confessing be a breach into his privacy, bordering on harrassment, if it’s unwanted? Because that’s how people would say if a guy does the same thing to a girl that he follows online, no?
Personally I wouldn’t recommend acting on a crush when you’ve never spoken or where one side does not know the existence of the other side. Yes, true, ada je orang yang when someone confessed to them and they accepted it and it’s a happy ending yada yada yada, but honestly speaking, wouldn’t it be creepy to you if some random guy suddenly comes up to you and say “hey I like you, you’re cute”?
Take small steps, if you really want to. Talk to him. Tweet or DM him, and at least see how he treats a stranger wanting to strike a conversation and be friends with him. Because, even though like you said “his family and his circle” shows that he’s a good guy, how do you really know it though? Socmed is full of hidden secrets, you only show what you want people to see, so who’s to say he’s not hiding anything? So at least if you take the first step of replying to his posts or tweets, or commenting on his pictures, or DM-ing him, you may be able to see a little deeper into his life and gauge whether or not that crush you have is valid, or if it’s purely on what you see on his socmed.
(Sorry terlebih panjang advice, hope this helps)

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Kenapa aku lambat sangat nak paham ap yang aku belajar ea.. penat ahh cenni, tengok org lain, elok jaa buat.. pastu, bila nak join dyeorg belajar, rasa rendah gilaa.. hodoh nyaa perangai aku bila setiap kali aku nak join, mesti rasa insecure.. haihh

If you don't start somewhere, you'll never get better, no?
Better to know that you're slow and taking initiatives to learn and get better, than not knowing and pretending that you're perfect (like some people). :3
I wish you the best!

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Kak Syaza. I am a girl and i want to confess to my crush whom i have never met. I know him through media social. Any advice? 😂

Err. Well, before you confess, at least meet up with him first la. Don't spring it on him, unless he shows signs that he's also interested in you. Because one thing about talking to people you've never met in real life, you wouldn't actually know them unless you met them in real life. Takut kena catfish ke apa pulak kan :)

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If u r not single, don't ever bother my shout out. U'll never understand our feeling... huh' T_T

Then next time you can write, [only for single people] and do your shoutout. Or just don't. It's up to you, you have the rights to do whatever shoutout you want, and I have the rights to answer or ignore whatever shoutouts or questions I get.

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Kenapa bila kita da besar , level confident kita rendah?

Sebab kau sedar kenapa orang cakap seperti ilmu padi, makin berisi makin menunduk (or however the peribahasa is).
Bila kau makin dewasa & dah belajar banyak benda, kau makin sedar bahawa banyak mana kau belajar, itu cumalah setitik dalam segala ilmu yang boleh kau belajar dalam dunia ni. Dunia ni luas.
Kau sedar bahawa walaupun masa sekolah dulu kau lah pelajar terhebat, sentiasa no1 di sekolah, masa di kolej, di universiti, di tempat kerja, kau sekarang “bertanding” dengan satu dunia yang berbeza. Dengan orang yang lebih bijak, lebih berilmu, lebih berpengetahuan dan berpengalaman.
Dia bukannya makin kurang confident, cumanya kau sedar diri kau tak sehebat yang disangka. Kau jadi humble. Kau terima kekurangan, tapi kau masih mencuba untuk membaiki apa yang boleh. Kau cuma untuk belajar apa yang boleh, setakat mana kemampuan kau.

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kenapa orang yang minum arak, bulan puasa nak puasa?

Kenapa sebagai orang Islam, ramai je yang bersangka buruk dan menuduh kiri kanan?
Who are you to judge what’s in someone’s heart? You’re not God, you don’t have the authority to say what someone can and cannot do.
People sin in different way. For that someone, maybe drinking is the only thing that they do that is against the Islamic belief, but they’re perfect in any other sense (prayers, fasting, hajj, sedekah, etc). Whereas there may be people who look “Islamic” with their hijabs or going to mosques and preaching all these Islamic verses and dakwahs but late at night, you watch porn or you gossip about other people to your friends or you hold others in contempt.
Humans are not perfect, so don’t judge people and don’t condemn them for whatever sins that they might have committed, for you’ll never know of the sins you would commit in the future.

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