Ask @AveryBellaThornex:

Bella you're my everything , You Mean The Whole Wide World Too Me. I Will Always Look Up At You, Also You'll My Favorite Celebrity Forever!:'D/Role'Model... You Make Me Smile Every'Time I'm Feeling Down. I Just Have Too Watch Your Movie Or Listen Too Your BEAUTIFUL Voice! , You Are So Beautiful. ❤😘


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Hello my love how are you? You're so amazing and lovely, you're so talented and gorgeous, I love the way you are and I really hope I'll be able to meet you,you're my idol and my inspiration. You're so cute,sweet,pretty,beautiful,adorable, sexy, i love all your work and I'm proud of being a fan of u❤

Hello anon x thank you soo much, gusy u're the best really. My all love send to you bellarians/bellarions. And..soo love you too!

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Hi Bella I often watch the movies in which you played and you are a really good actress and in addition you are lucky to have shot with Dylan Minette 😍😍😊

Hi Emily! I am very pleased that you have such an opinion and that you watch movies in which I played. Yes, you're right, I was lucky to play with Dylan, he's a wonderful boy and an actor. I am extremely aware of our cooperation! x

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Hi baby😉

Fucking dreams. I have none of them they are all black and then for on e I see my dad again and he looks so much older. And I’m looking at him like where have you been all this time? Why did you leave us and he just has the biggest smile on his. Face. I barely remember what he looks like or sounds like anymore and then this fucking dream. and I wake up hysterically crying. Like wtf I love you daddy thanks for saying hi.

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