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Agree or Disagree: Money does not bring happiness.

Agree. Doing well financially atm but pretty stressed out all the time

When depressed, the bottle helps a lot, right? 🍺

I'm totally sober now. Like not even alcohol

I'm suffering. 😞

You'll be okay just focus on staying positive and have daily, weekly, monthly goals for yourself to improve your life little by little

Do you think it’s embarrassing to live in college housing (not dorms) at 25 for undergrad?

Nah take your time

How tf you talk bad about the person you dating ?

I feel like it's pretty common. When you spend so much time with someone it can be draining

Are you a cooker or a takeout person?

Love cooking but work late a lot of the time and rather just bring home food so I can relax

Did you even care?

Sometimes I think I care too much now, analyzing and trying too hard. Years ago though I was really careless

why does my ex who i still sleep with tell me he wants to have a child while we’re in bed ? is he being serious or just saying it ?

I think your problem is that you still sleep with your ex

Does gossip bring people together or does gossip and innuendo create division between people, making it impossible to develop and maintain healthy relationships?

Nah gossip is dumb

What was the thing that annoyed you?

I'm gonna get some cafe Kalawe breakfast and chill it's gonna be a good day


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