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I would think you'd wany a big family since you have a lot of siblings

Do I know you?? And who said I didn’t??

Do you prefer Instagram or Facebook?

I use Instagram more often, my user is @clown.bard at the moment but I might change it again eventually.

Hallooo! It's time I told you my secret. If you're interested, I'll share.

Should you really be telling your secret to a stranger anon?

How many cups of coffee have you had so far?

Gonna sound silly but caffeine makes me sleepy so I rarely drink coffee 😅

I come in peace ✌️ ☮️👽

Hey sorry I just came on for the first time in a little, my mouse Bean passed away a few days ago and it’s been pretty hard so I wanted to kinda step away to give myself time to process the whole thing.
I come in peace

Reachel thinks that mammary glands are not sexual which makes me think that she shows her mammary glands to children.

Hmm I wonder why she thinks that…oh wait never mind it’s probably because they’re not. I don’t think my belly button is sexual but I’m not gonna go out of my way to show it to children. Grow up and leave whoever that person is alone that’s a bit creepy 😬

Some women have an intense hatred for men and boys. You need to become a men's rights activist to fight them. A woman sat on her 5 year son and killed him.

I don’t really think sex has anything to do with why people do terrible things. Do I think it’s fair to hate men simply because they’re men? No of course not but as a man I can see why some women may not like us, that being said I strive to be a better man each and every day and if I can make a women feel more safe I will.

Are You Dressing up for Halloween?

xBaddJuju’s Profile PhotoxBaddJuju
I may be 22 but you know my ass will never turn down an opportunity to dress up and get free candy, i'm 4'9 so I can pass as a small child >:)

What's the best advice your father ever gave you ?

hm...I don't think he's ever really given me advice but he did teach me at a young age not to give my hopes up or expect anything from anyone so that's good I guess.


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