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Do you find it perfectly fine for someone who is 20+ to still live with their parents and not working anywhere (like me)? My little sister’s friends told my little sister that I should’ve been out of the house at 18 and I hate how that’s the “norm” these days.

The average age to move out of your parents house is somewhere between 24 and 27 in the US. 18 isn't the "norm" and hasn't been for as far back as I've seen data on it.

Are you the same in real life as you are online or are you the opposite?

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I'm actually a lot funnier IRL. I take online stuff way too seriously.

do most atheists say "happy holidays" or replace 'christmas' with 'xmas' to cancel the christ?

"Happy holidays" is easier than saying "Happy -Hanuka -Christmas -Kwanza -New years", which are all celebrated around the same time. It's even just easier than "Merry Chirstmas and Happy New year". They are all holidays. And the "X" is a Greek "chi" (the first syllable of Christ), and xmas was an abbreviation created by Christians, so not sure where the idea that it "cancels the christ" came from. "the term's usage dates back to the 16th century,and corresponds to Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Church of England, and Episcopalian[6] liturgical use of various forms of chi-rho monogram. In English, "X" was first used as a scribal abbreviation for "Christ" in 1100; "X'temmas" is attested in 1551, and "Xmas" in 1721.[7]"

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Spaghetti sauce mixed in or on the side?

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Depends on how it's served. As a side, mixed in. As a main dish, over the top. On the side only when my kid isn't sure he's going to like the sauce.
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Is it true that every man has a "one who got a away" and every woman he dates, even the one he marries will be forever compared to her?

It's not true for "every man". But I can surmise that many people have dated someone who had a high level of emotional investment in where that relationship eventually ended.

Mushrooms or Olives on pizza? You're starving, which do you choose?

I'll eat either, but wouldn't specifically order them on a pizza.

Is it childish to yell at an employee because one of the toppings is wrong on a pizza?

Yes. It's generally childish to yell at service workers of any kind. It's almost never helpful.


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