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Do you prefer summer or fall?

I'm a fan of the transition between the two seasons, like September and October overall is probably my favorite time of the year (weather wise).

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Have you ever locked yourself out of your own car?

BinaryBabe’s Profile PhotoGoddess Gwendoll
Once, yes, while it was still running. I had to walk over a mile back to my apartment (in Summer, in Tucson, AZ) to get my spare car key. And then walk back. I had just moved to town and didn't know anyone except my GF, who was with me.

Someone walks up and grabs you ice cream cone and starts eating it. What do you do?

Depends on who does it.

Did you attempt to climb a tree when you were a kid?

Climbing trees was a favorite thing to do as a kid, and I still do it when the opportunity arises.


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