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Which cities would you like to visit around the world?

Moscow, Paris, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Hamburg, St. Petersburg (Russia), so many more....

this will be for ladys to answer or guys can answer too....but this girl on fb is trying to steal my bf already shes calling him her baby boy what would u do in my case???

Ddoxx her ass

What meal was so good that you can't forget it?

When I went to the cracker barrel and had their maple burger... Damn ??

How often do you have to charge your phone?

My phone can hold out for the entire day if brightness is down all the way.

What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

Climbed on a deep sloped roof in the middle of the night to get my cat off of the roof. Scary night.

What's the movie that made you cry?

The Boy in Striped Pajamas, but honestly, if you didn't cry while watching that movie you are fucking heartless.
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Would you like to stay young forever?

Nahh, I mean, it going to suck growing old but the idea of living forever sucks even more.

What’s your favorite scary movie? ??

To many to count! Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, IT, The Shining.... It goes on


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