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What's your favourite joke to tell new people ?

I’m not a comedian, so you usually don’t go around telling jokes, but I do have a great sense of humor though

What the fuck even is life?

Life is something you get for a short period of time, where you get a world to explore, connections to build, and if you are lucky, you can even impact this world in a larger scale.
Either way, there are a lot of wonders to explore and experience.

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Hello 😀 I have a problem. I cannot remember what I did yesterday and today. What to do?

You can start writing a diary, recording moments with pictures, also eat healthier consuming food and vitamins that improve your memory.
Also do not multitask too much, better to focus on one thing at a time, the more focus you have, more you will remember

Handed or theatre do zombies attack why how long do love autumn?

This question didn’t make much sense, the grammar is all wrong, which makes it impossible to understand, but I do love zombie movies 😄

Could you fall in love with a girl older than yourself?

darkkrishna’s Profile PhotoDark_krishna
Yeah, age is just a number, personality is what matters the most, but I do usually go for younger girls, since my interests probably align better with them

how to communicate your feelings to your crush I am a woman of 24 years old

By saying how you feel, and talking it out, it’s quite simple

where do Norwegians have fun?

The same way other nations have fun! Each person is different regardless of race or nation.
When it comes to me, I like having fun playing video games, partying with friends, watching movies/series, traveling around the world, writing, making videos, working out with friends, and much more

One night stands or a relationship?

Hard to choose, one night stands are good, because you get more variety, but it’s not consistent, so relationship can be good if you want something more consistent

Are you a terrible person if you was kinda open to try talking and maybe in the future date someone, but then when you see how they look like you kinda just wanna be friends and not have a relationship whit them cause they are not you type?

No, but you gotta be honest with them, and give a bit of your time when informing them these things, so you guys end things peacefully

This is for a story I'm working on btw... "What would be worse; being tortured physically (the old fashioned way) or mentally (ex. shut in a totally silent room in the dark)?"

Definitely physically, I’m mentally strong, so could handle mental pain, but physically would hurt a lot 😅

What are some things that make you really happy?

Unexpected kindness from other people, video games, good food, achieving my goals, building great connections, music and much more

Spain or Argentina?

Ahmedjama96’s Profile PhotoLilGelle
Spain, since it’s here in Europe, I have been there once, and they have great soccer teams, but heard Argentina is great too! 🙌


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