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1. Thoughts on Sognametal? It's a style of Black Metal with folk and melodic elements which originated in Sogndal, Norway (during the 2nd Wave). The first band was Windir and there aren't too many projects in this sub-genre but I think you'd enjoy it. 🙃🤪💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
I’ve never heard of it actually but I do remember listening to Windir and enjoying them. But that was back in my days of a discography a day and sadly not going back to many of the artists I enjoyed because I had such a long list.

Do you like to travel? Heard that Scotland is very beautiful. Haven't been to Norway myself, you don't have to travel far to see amazing things.

stefanjarl’s Profile PhotoStefan
I would if I had the money to. Yes I hear Scotland is amazing. I haven't been to Norway but Sweden is magnificent 😄
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Favorite country that isn't your own?

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Those below. Can't really decide.
🇮🇳 - [ India ]
🇰🇷 - [ Korea ]
🇯🇵 - [ Japan ]
🇳🇴 - [ Norway ]
🇮🇪 - [ Ireland ]

Selena Gomez,Marshmello-Wolves

DanceTop40’s Profile PhotoDance Top 100 (✔)
"Wolves" was written by Selena Gomez, Marshmello, Ali Tamposi, Andrew Watt, Brian Lee, and Louis Bell.[17] The song was described as a "sticky electronic snack"[18] and "propulsive EDM"[19] which is equally "acoustic-laced EDM and long, lost 80's pop". Caitlin Kelley from Billboard noted how Marshmello's influence in the song can be heard through "subtle trap elements, like the triple high hats buzzing beneath the smoky atmosphere."[20] "Wolves" opens "dark and gloomy" with Gomez singing over a clean electric guitar as Kat Bein from Billboard commented, the build of the bridge is "almost country-pop, but the choral hook is all Marshmello sweetness. In an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Gomez stated that the lyrics deeply reflects what she was feeling during the period she recorded the track. "Wolves" is a song by American singer Selena Gomez and music producer Marshmello. The song was written by Gomez, Ali Tamposi, Louis Bell, Brian Lee, and its producers Marshmello and Andrew Watt. The song was released by Interscope Records on October 25, 2017.
Commercially, the song has topped the charts in Latvia, Poland and Serbia while reaching the top 10 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom; as well as the top 20 in Germany and the United States. It was also the second-most successful electronic song of 2018 in the US. The single is certified Platinum or higher in fifteen countries worldwide, including Diamond in Brazil. Selena Gomez,Marshmello-Wolves Popular songs in Selena Gomez in Radio Stations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH4E_t3m3xMDanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xMDanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xM

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DanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xMDanceTop40’s Video 169763209538 cH4E_t3m3xM

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

Medovic1907’s Profile PhotoWow How
If I could do ANYTHING right now, I would close my eyes and place my finger on a map. I would travel to whatever place I randomly select. Ohh ohh I will start with Russia, then eastern Europe, Latin America, Greenland , Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, North Korea (Yes I really wants to know what happens inside all the closed walls) , South Korea, Japan, Australia, New zealand, Kenya, Greece . Once I am done with these places, I don't care about the order. Rest of the places in the world. And if I manage to visit all these places, then settle down somewhere in Norway :
حاسه انه مش هيكفيني يوم 🤏🏼.

Because of of their health problems , it is now illegal to breed English bulldogs and cavalier king Charles spaniels in Norway. Thoughts?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
Love it! If these dogs weren't bred based on looks alone they wouldn't have these problems. I think it's a great idea. It won't stop people doing it on the low if there's demand but it's good that they are taking steps to prevent animals suffering when it is completely avoidable

Because of of their health problems , it is now illegal to breed English bulldogs and cavalier king Charles spaniels in Norway. Thoughts?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
I would extend it to all breeds that have chronic genetic abnormalities due to inbreeding. Perpetuating such problems by continuing to breed these dogs is animal abuse, and everyone who owns such a dog is complicit in that. Don't breed them, don't buy them.
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Libor Milian in Art/Culture 7 No.1 and 22 Charts.New Songs Wounded Heart.

EniTimar’s Profile PhotoLibor Milian Estonia
Libor Milian-Art/Culture
7 No.1 and 22 Charts.New Songs Wounded Heart.
New songs from the Artist Libor Milian will bring not only a new style of music, but also a change of personality. This Artist has achieved worldwide success in the world and became famous for his songs. But he also collects success in Gastronomy as we see in some magazines.The entire CD Album Wounded Heart will be attached to this song.The SONGS will contain new songs by the Artist Libor Milian.An artist like Libor Milian in the category with Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood is also written about in other news, magazines and radio stations in World.As we learned, the new fashion brand from Libor Milian will be named Wounded Heart.As we have informed you in the magazine about more articles about this Personality.
Libor Milian-Art/Culture More Articles Libor Milian
Artist Libor Milian Charts 7 No.1 and 22 Charts
Libor Milian on a snowboard with his love who skied with her friend.
In 2014, the Artist Libor Milian was attacked in Prague by a sick person with a severely mental.
Libor Milian took a photo on the slope with a young Polish fan who asked him in glasses with her fri.
New Products in E Shops with Libor Milian.
Art / Culture was produced by Entertainment in Norway together with a TV program in 2021

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Libor Milian in ArtCulture

As tu déjà fait une croisière ? Si non, aimerais tu en faire une et où ? 🔵

I went on a cruise in April to the Bahamas and it was the best time of my life. We went on a carnival cruise line. Don’t use room service too often because your bill will skyrocket. But if money’s not a problem then just enjoy all the free food and relax while on the ocean. The stops are best part though. Some islands are owned by the cruise line so they’ll upcharge you on purchases on the island because they can. But they usually have a lot of activities going on throughout the day like karokee, trivia, and shows. I snuck some weed on the boat and that made the time 10x better 😂
Carnival is my favorite - food is reasonable, accomodations are fine, people are super nice and friendly and they have outdoor movies at night and also (typically) a separate adults only pool area which was AWESOME. Tons of activities and everything was pretty easy going. Upcharge for drinks and fancy dining, though, which is to be expected, but Norweigen had free drinks. Lines at the buffet can get LONG but there's always specialty dining if you're willing to pay and frankly it's not that much money. We bought a bottle of gin for the room and it was like $100.00 but it was more than enough to keep my friend and I happy without spending too much money additional on booze. You are only supposed to drink it in your room, but what are water bottles for if not for sneaking gin and tonics for your outdoor movie experiences? Norweigen was my second favorite. Food was somewhate better than Carnival, staff and other guests were fairly friendly and the rooms were fine. No outdoor movies, though and only one pool and hot tub area which meant I didn't get to use the hot tubs or pools because too many kids, plus fewer activities and it was hard to figure out how you were supposed to sign up for them. Bonus for this one: "all inclusive" is free booze AND the cruise I went on went to Cuba, which made going to Cuba extremely easy.
I have a massive phobia about falling out of the sky, as such I don't fly (yes, I know it's irrational). That's fine to get to anywhere in Europe, but beyond that, virtually impossible. As such cruises are fantastic for me to see places that I normally would either have to spend a few hours crying my eyes out over and stressing about for weeks beforehand, or, just not doing it. I've been on a couple of cruises, one up to Svalbard via Norway and Faroe Islands which was great to head into the actual polar bears will eat you Arctic. The demographiscs on that one weren't great, I (23ish at the time) was one of about five younger than retirement age. But also, Svalbard. I went on one when I was 16. I think it was Carnival, to Mexico, Jamaica, and someplace else. Western Caribbean, basically. For me it was a lot of fun. I got to try seafood for the first time, guilt free. I could have ice cream whenever I please. I really enjoyed being on the boat in general. My mother got seasick when the water got a little rough lol. The ports I was mixed about.

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Yes it Collapsed, but Sweden did not lose Finland during the Great Power era, but 150 years later. Sweden then went to war with Norway and a Union was formed. It lasted for almost 100 years until 1905. Then the adventure was over.

stefanjarl’s Profile PhotoStefan
nor was I aware of that tbh
actually I was thinking if someone was to ask me what comes into your mind when asked about Sweden it would be
a kind of Socialist system of governance
Olaf Palme
Bjorn Borg
Sven Goran Eriksson
that is very pathetic knowledge , I freely admit :(

🥺 Décrivez votre voyage de rêve ?

julien2910’s Profile Photo2k29
My dream trip (one I'm going to take in the next two years!) is to fly to Oregon and drive an RV all the way up the coast to Alaska. It looks so beautiful. I'd also like to just travel through America avoiding the big cities and coast lines, seeing the interior of America isn't something I've seen many people do. Driving Route 66 would be a cool way to do it.
My dream is to take a year off from everything and travel. If i ever end up with enough money and time than i would like to visit Moldova, Belarus, Finland Norway Baltic countries, Russia, Mongolia, China Bhutan, Nepal. After that Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Caribbean Islands, some parts of Us, Canada. After that in Africa Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and maybe even more in Africa. And lastly Australia and New Zeland.
"Dream" is foolish because honestly that would be flying into Italy after winning a 200+ million lottery and stopping by Pagani to spec my Huayra, and then a quick stop over to Ferrari to pick up two new Ferraris (one for my best friend) and then we would drive them around Europe a bit before heading to a western coast where they would be shipped back to the US as we fly home.
From Barmera Australia, having never left, at age 23 in 1969 or something close to then he flys to San Francisco. He then proceeds to hitchhike all the way to the southern most point of Chile and then back up to the Arctic circle at the top of Canada. He used every day on his visas in every country in the Americas. Idk how he got across the Atlantic but he then took the Trans Siberian to the full length to Asia and left from there.
I rode about 6-8 hours per day but would stop between cities to look at ancient villages, touristy stuff but cool nonetheless. My itinerary was: Nice (where I rented the bike ~$800 for 6 days) -> Auvignon-> Aubenas (met a fellow rider halfway there and he let me crash at his place in a little village outside the city, apt was in the 400 year old castle walls of a church so that was super cool) -> Montpellier (my favorite city in France. Young ppl and lots to do. Liked it so much I stayed an extra night instead of riding) -> St Maxime (little town on the riviera) -> back to Nice. I would absolutely do that ride again but spend more time in Auvignon and spend nights in Nimes and Aix-en-Provence. Both beautiful cities that I only stopped in for a few hours. Get some more riding experience under your belt as some of the roads were expert level stuff but the drivers in France really take care to watch out for motorcycles. Better than I can say about LA drivers. Anyway, the vistas during the riding were breathtaking but stay away from the highways as they are toll roads and not cheap. Also there are speed cameras everywhere and I got 8 speeding tickets in the mail for minor infractions like 2-8 kph over the limit.

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How often do you travel to another country in Europe, and where to? Obviously the EU helps with travel to most of these countries, but as an englishman I have only ever been to five other european countries outside the UK. Is this good? bad? Do you travel more since you can drive instead of fly?

I normally visit England (have family there), The Netherlands (lived their for a half year a couple of years back) and Italy (have family there) at least every second year. I visit Norway and Germany (lots of Germans went to the same bachelor’s degree as me) multiple times a year. Living in the center of Denmark (Odense) makes it very easy to go to either central Europe or the rest of Scandinavia without it being too expensive or that much effort. But I do have friends who seldomly visits other European countries, but most of my friends and family at least visits some in a year, especially Germany, Norway or Sweden. As an Irish person I've been to.. UK (England & Scotland) numerous times France Spain 4/5 times Monaco Switzerland Italy twice Vatican City Czech Republic Denmark Sweden (day trip by train from Copenhagen) Greece And brief stop over in Belgium. Obviously I've had to fly to all except when I got to l the ferry to Liverpool once. Thank god for Ryanair! I wouldn't really considered myself 'well travelled' but with cheap flights from Ryanair we've been able to get to a see a lot of Europe cheaper and quicker than it takes to get to Dublin. I live in Helsinki so there's a very easy access to both Tallinn and Stockholm via ferries. Generally I visit both fairly regularly, maybe on average around three times a year between the two. The last time we booked a cruise to Tallinn was a bit over a month ago as a friend had some sort of membership points about to expire and we paid like 10€ each for the trip. Sadly most of us missed the stop in Tallinn the next morning, though, that tends to happen sometimes on those cruises... As for other "proper" trips to abroad, usually we go around once or twice a year. In recent years we've been to our favorite Italy a bunch of times and have made several long weekend trips to many interesting cities around Europe. Finland is quite similar to the UK as we're so cut off from everything we might as well be an island. Unless you're traveling to Russia you'll have to cross a sea to get anywhere, as going by land through the north is ridiculously cumbersome and useless for most, people in all the three countries generally live in the southern parts. I live on a small island which means that the amount of cities (Well, in this case they're towns) I can just regularly visit is low. Couple that with nothing really interesting to do for someone who's lived here for their entire life as well as no money to go anywhere else in the country, I can't justify going pretty much anywhere.
Although all that travel was when I lived at my parents and followed on their vacations. Since I left the nest I have not been to another country at all and do not really plan on it either since I hate traveling.
So "lets pop into austria for a snack" doesn't happen for me. But for someone living in Como, for example, it's pretty much expected that he will hop on the other side of the Swiss border to refuel because gas costs less.

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Do you enjoy travelling on a ferry?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
I've taken the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn multiple times, from Helsinki to Stockholm multiple times, from Turku to Stockholm multiple times, from Turku to Maariehamn once and from Puttgarden to Rødby once. So I guess I've travelled from Finland to Estonia and Sweden and from Germany to Denmark on boat. Sometimes in the other direction as well. Most of the time it's because I'm travelling by car and it is not amphibious, so I can't drive it across the water. It's very common to take a ferry across the Baltic sea. All the routes I mentioned are pretty busy and it's kinda cheap. Without a car even cheaper. It's definitely common here and also in the Mediterranean. Life if you're going to Sardinia or Corsica or Elba or whatever you'll probably take a ferry. If I'm not travelling by car I'd rather not use a ferry, though. They're super boring. There isn't much to do but to play cards with your mates. And if you're alone, solitaire is the only option. The morning ferries to Tallinn are the worst, everybody is basically sleeping and they always for some reason show darts on the TVs. So an airplane would be a far better option because it's quicker. Less time sitting on a boring boat, more time exploring the places you want to explore. Of course I don't know what your reason to avoid air travel is, maybe getting a bit bored isn't as bad as airplanes are for you.
It's usually more expensive than flying, and if you don't have a car, it can be hard to get to the harbor in some cities, because public transport can be pretty sporadic and some harbors are out in the middle of nowhere. This is something you'll have to research in advance. I still like it more than flying and will take any chance to take a ferry. Can't speak for Ireland, but I really liked my last couple of ferry trips in the Baltics (I've gone from Germany to Denmark, Lithuania and Norway). Dover to Calais is about an hour and a half. The Isle of Wight is less, about 40 minutes I think. So both are fairly short. There's cafés, shops and other things on board. There are multiple levels and lots of seats in different places, outside and inside. Nothing too fancy but it's certainly more than just sitting down on a bus haha. Obviously it will depend somewhat on the company and the specific ship you're on as to what there is, but in my experience it's not bad on board at all.

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What is the biggest waste of human potential?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
Discrimination against women and girls in education, work, and politics. Even if we think purely self interestedly educating women pays. I read somewhere that Statistics Norway (www.ssb.no) says that women entering the work force in Norway in the last sixty years has had a greater positive impact on the country's economy than North Sea oil. Unfortunately I can't find the reference now. And of course educated women have fewer, and healthier, children which means less stress, less demand on health services, and higher future income. Reality shows. None are real.
Finding things to be upset about. On the one hand you have a few people who don't have to bother do anything because they have everything, all they need to do is lean on their wealth leverage to stay where they are. Who have more than most of mankind combined. On the other hand you have billions without the resources to do anything. And even if they have the resources to try to do something, they usually can't afford to fuck up even a little bit while doing so. It even completely distorts all the incentives. As long as there is this extreme inequality, it will always be a lot easier and a lot more lucrative to mildly amuse one of those super wealthy than it is to improve the lives of billions. Wars, and conflicts between countries in general. Imagine if the world was just a bunch of intelligent humans who work with each other, don't have any reason to be mad at each other, and care about the planet. Too good to be true.
40+ hours work week. Waste of lots of potential human relationships of all kinds. Don’t get to be with family, friends that often. Lots of people are sucked into their work that it can impact their personal lives. Education. Surely there’s a more efficient way of schooling so it doesn’t take someone sooo many years of general education (primary/secondary education). General education that doesn’t qualify you for much. Money. Finances blocks so many things we could potentially achieve. Think of all the things we could have done if lack of funding were not an issue. We would have much more data for all areas of studies/academia etc.
Intelligent people toiling away at menial labor because they don't have the financial means or confidence to rise above this capitalistic society and apply themselves to the greater issues that plague humanity.
People have stopped inventing things. All the way up to the 1940’s and 50’s it wasn’t uncommon to see young adults in their garages wiring things or designing something new or in their bedroom with ac chemistry set doing experiments. Imagine how advanced society would be if everyone in a local area got together even spent a few hours trying to invent something.

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What's the best country to move to, and why?

Any scandinavian country is pretty decent for quality of life. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and I'm adding Canada, my country. Taxes are heavier but you get free health care, low crime rate and a general higher standard of living. If you plan on having a family these are probably the best countries for them to live in and set themselves up.
This might come as a surprise to some, especially considering the fiscal situation, but I have to say Spain. I lived there during the worst part of the recent financial crisis, and it was very tough. However, thanks to the cyclical nature of economic markets the country is on the upswing, and oh boy, what an upswing it's going to be, unless the lobbying for Catalan independence comes through. The quality of life was fantastic before the crisis and those days will be back. Consumption and purchases are on the rise, and it's a fantastically productive environment for foreign entrepreneurs, especially if you are going to be hiring Spaniards. You'll get national residency in a heartbeat. Living there is comparatively very cheap. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment in Madrid city, that's just over 100 sq. metres will put you down €1000 a month tops. Internet is affordable and very reliable, with marginal surveillance compared to other developed countries. Food, drink and social life is also very wallet-friendly. Canada. Healthcare, High standards of living, super friendly people, good jobs, minimal crime and hockey! Plus the federal government that recently got elected has promised to legalize marijuana. You can't go wrong with that. I love India... but it's prob not everyone's cup of tea. It's cheap, so you can travel way longer if you're on a budget. You know that whole saying "it's not the destination, it's the journey"? ... well that really applies here. Your daily experinces are just so far removed from my home country and thats exactly what makes it great. Italy. Great food, great coffee, great (cheap) rail network, great history/art/culture
France... to be fair I only went to Paris but I fell in love with the city. There isn't some McDonalds or Starbucks on every corner and you are not bombarded with advertising like in some places. Much of the west seems to be bowing to this consumerist, money driven ideology, but Paris was just Paris going about its business. I'm not someone who ever enjoyed studying history in school, but going to places that live and breathe war history really makes me enjoy places as there's so much to see. Therefore I'd recommend Germany (particularly Berlin) and Bosnia. Vietnam - its cities (particularly Hanoi) are very dynamic and vibrant, with lots of culture. Countryside, particularly up north around Sapa is incredible. Its also incredibly cheap and has IMHO the best cuisine in the world. (Honourable mention goes to Laos - if you're in Vietnam, take the time to visit Laos.... it's a fascinating country that runs at its own relaxed pace).

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Have you seen what a Stave church looks like? Maybe something for your art. Available in Norway and Sweden.

stefanjarl’s Profile PhotoStefan
I have! Funny that you suggested that, I was actually going to create a painting with that style of architecture in, a few years back! It didn’t really work out at the time, but I may try it out again sometime. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Have you heard of the natural phenomenon "northern lights" only found in Sweden and Norway. Google it.

stefanjarl’s Profile PhotoStefan
I have, it’s quite commonly known. There has been a very rare moment where they were seen from the Netherlands as well! It’s really rare to be able to see it from our country. I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes one time. 😍✨
(Not my picture)
Have you heard of the natural phenomenon northern lights only found in Sweden

What is your favorite country and why?

I've only been to Norway once but it was outstanding. Gorgeous nature and cities, incredibly kind (and beautiful) people, and also one of the most socially progressive and economically stable countries in the world.
However, I really enjoyed England when I visited London for a week several years ago. The people were very friendly and helpful, the Underground was easy and convenient. The food was amazing. I love London's steakhouses, and they also have really good Indian and Japanese restaurants as well. And the history was very fascinating. We stayed only a few blocks away from the Tower Bridge and Tower of London, so we crossed the bridge and toured the tower basically everyday. Back at home, my favorite state out of all 40 states I've visited so far, Minnesota is my favorite because that's where a lot of my family lives, but my second-favorite state has to be my home state of Colorado. I love that I'm less than an hour's drive away from the plains and the mountains. I like to hunt pronghorn antelope in the fall, so the plains hold a special place in my heart for that. Plus, it's always fun to take my dirtbike out and tear down the country roads as fast as those two wheels can take me, which is close to 80 mph. The mountains are awesome too! I participate in a sport called endurocross, AKA trail endurocross, AKA enduro. The mountains provide me with a beautiful challenge of riding my dirtbike up some of the most insane hills for the best views. America. We have a right to freedom of speech. We have the right to bear arms to prevent government tyranny. We're also "Capitalist pigs" who have a reasonable tax rate (this doesn't apply to California). We don't have universal healthcare, but I'll make do with corporate group insurance or a government job if it comes down to it.
Also yes, this is one of the few countries that give you the right to bear arms with the exclusive right to defend oneself from not only individuals trying to harm you or your property, but also a tyrannical government. This is rare as fuck because in the vast majority of countries you’re expected to wait until police arrive lol. We’re also one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world, you can choose to live in the tropics of Puerto Rico to the cold urban city of New York to the deserts of Arizona.
Ireland. I love the culture, the traditional step dancing, the music and the food. Hell, I even took two semesters of Gaelic in college. Because of that I was tempted to take a few more Irish centered courses in order to get my "Celtic Studies" certificate but I didn't because it would've cut into my minor. Plus I'm half Irish.
Berlin is arguably the best capital city in Europe, imo. It's has the perfect blend of everything you'd want from a trip abroad. It's very multicultural and has amazing, vibrant night-life, but it's all set against the backdrop of incredible European history.

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What is your favorite country in the world (except for the US) and why?

I recently got back from a vacation to Cuba, and it is a delightful country. The people are all incredibly nice and accommodating. There is very little crime. I felt more safe everywhere I went there than I do in many parts of the US. The culture is incredibly vibrant. The only downside I see is that it is a very poor country. If the US were to fully drop the embargo, and Cuba got some serious investment (heavily regulated to maintain cultural identity), I think it could quite easily become one of the most thriving countries in the Western Hemisphere. Speaking of Oman, I feel bad that I had such rock bottom expectations for it. I was in the neighboring UAE, and was sick to death of the utter soullessness, fakery, obscene display of wealth, and insufferable snobbishness of many people there, especially in Dubai, and was worried that Oman might be similar. However, I was very pleasantly surprised a how wrong my original assumptions about Oman were. I found it to be so much more culturally interesting than the UAE, with much nicer people, and some stunning landscapes.
I want to say Colombia because of its immense beauty and amazing people, but I'm based since my parents are from Colombia. My favorite country in the world would be Norway. The people are immensely friendly and very welcoming and I also enjoy looking at the politics of the country and I can understand why many people consider it to be the happiest country in the world.
Kansas City, MO (AKA the real deal, the first KC) The perfect blend of small town friendliness and urban life. Westport and KC P&L are great areas for some drinks, Loose Park has an awesome botanical garden, the Liberty Memorial has a fascinating WWI Museum, we have some decent sports teams (obviously the Royals that one the World Series awhile ago, but also Sporting KC that's won MLS a couple of times, and the Chiefs who...have pretty much always sucked, but here's hoping!), we've also got Boulevard beer which is delicious (big fan of the wheat), and, in general, the town just has an awesome vibe!
First visited Seattle when I was 6, and we were out here visiting relatives. Came back a few more times and swore I'd move here. Nowhere on this planet I'd rather live, and I'm grateful every day that I got to achieve my childhood dream.
London is my favorite city to visit. So much culture, we have friends who have introduced us to some cool stuff we'd never have found without local insight, ass-deep in amazing museums, RAF Colney, Arsenal, etc. I'm happy every time I get to visit.
Barcelona. It's a culturally rich, historic, vibrant, complex, easily walkable, stunningly beautiful city full of stunningly beautiful strangers whose expressions suggest they're all going to have supremely arrogant chips on their shoulders, but in reality are overwhelmingly warm, accepting and eager to share their city.

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Hi Lex:).What black metal subgenre are you more into?I have recently taken interest in Atmospheric(ambient) black metal and I think it's becoming one of my favourite metal subgenres. So I'd love to know your bands/albums/songs recommendations pertaining atmospheric or anything metal you prefer.

KAMIL_ULN19’s Profile PhotoKamil
Hey... =)
Initially, I was exposed to the Second Wave and soon after, some Third Wave projects - musically, they are still among my favorites. I particularly like the Folk and Pagan variants which seem to be more common in Eastern Europe but of course, I can't ignore the early Scandinavian pioneers. I like the Ambient and Melodic Black Metal bands too: Summoning, Drudkh, Blut Aus Nord, Negura Bunget, ColdWorld, Windir, Vinterriket, Nokturnal Mortum and a slew of others. When it comes to the more Atmospheric Black Metal offerings, I enjoy projects like Eldamar (Norway) and Grima (Russia):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SKcnz6UbowLex_Talionis’s Video 166165668017 9SKcnz6UbowLex_Talionis’s Video 166165668017 9SKcnz6Ubow
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNjRM8il-O4Lex_Talionis’s Video 166165668017 UNjRM8il-O4Lex_Talionis’s Video 166165668017 UNjRM8il-O4
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You should take 1 week in sweden and 1 in norway they have such amazing mountains and fjords in norway i love it there and you can travel over any EU border with your passport it's easy ❤ NZ can get −25.6 °C at Ranfurly in Otago in 1903 it says on wikipedia

I’m definitely going to add those destinations to my bucket list! Thanks so much for the recommendations. I live nowhere near Otago! That’s in the South Island, I live in the North Island ?
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Same here! It is one thing i wanna experience, like i want to experience sky diving, deep sea diving. Witness Aurora Lights in Norway and Alaska and the list goes on...😍

EnugAmbrosia’s Profile PhotoEnug
Wishing you all the best to achieve those things.
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Three things that are really cool about your country and why should I definitely visit😊

marketz’s Profile Photomarkéta 94
1. The historical locations! There are tons of palaces, old towns and recreations of viking settlements and such 🏰
2. The nature is really pretty in many places, sure we don't have the fjords that Norway has but our forests, lakes and mountains in the north are fit for a hike as well 🏞
3. The celebrations around valborg and midsommar! Crayfish parties are also really fun! Especially if you like drinking schnapps and singing songs 🍻
Three things that are really cool about your country and why should I definitely

Hmmmm. Kirain udah pernah ngitung jarak ke Norway hahahhaa. Yaudha, untuk sekarang semangat ngerjain skripsi aja dulu mbaktuy 517

Itu kurang kerjaan banget sih gilaa. Wkwkwk perhatian amat sii non. Btw ngapa manggilnya mbaktuy dah hahaha
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+4 answers in: “Antara 3 ini mbaktuy. Monggo kalo mau pilih 1: 1. Road Trip naik Bus Scania S520 menyusuri pegunungan Hardangerfjord sambil menikmati air terjun Furebergfossen, Norway. 2. Sky Trip mengendarai paragliding di Interlaken, Switzerland. 3. Menikmati sunrise di atas balon udara di Cappadocia, Turkey.”

Hey there! I have made a new Discord server. Feel free to join! We talk about life, play video games together, listen to music and we have a weekly cooking/baking show through Twitch! https://discord.gg/R5AQY7u

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Ok )))) Holland and Norway in North Europe. Hvorfor skriver du ikke på våre språk.Se på noen spørsmål fra et annet land.Jeg forstår dem ikke.

where would you want to go first? 😊

abiepgonzales’s Profile Photoabie
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
There's a lot I wanna see.
India e.g. I love this country for its culture, it's tales about all kind of love story. Would love to see the Taj Mahal. Learn more about their gods and goddesses and enjoy their food.
I'd love to visit South Korea as well as Japan. Or Vietnam. Taiwan. Malaysia.
Then I would like to visit Spain. I was already in Italy together with my classmates when I was doing my A-Levels. And I loved it whole-heartedly. I want to go there again.
But not to forget Sweden, Norway, Scottland and Great Britan.
And I am also hungry for Greek and Hungary, as well as Romania - of course for its culture.
+1 answer in: “do you have a bucket list and if so, what is one thing on the list?”

Yeah, the little mermaid is so underwhelming Haha Smaller version of Sweden you say, have you ever been here? 🤔

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Nope, sadly not.
It's just what I thought. I guessed it because Denmark and Sweden are basically neighbours that may be in architecture and lifestyle it's somewhat similar. But I like to visit it someday, just like Norway and Finnland. x3
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+2 answers in: “What's the most daring or adventurous thing you've ever done? 😎 How did you feel during and after? 🤙”

Joooj kako mi je drago što si nam opet tuuu ✨??

LoveThinkPinkPeoplee’s Profile Photo➴ ωιтн ℓσνє, Aηαѕтαѕιנα ➶
I meni je drago što si ti još uvijek na asku, baš bi bilo čudno bez tebe Ana. To potpisujem. ??
- Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway ?
Joooj kako mi je drago što si nam opet tuuu

Hahahaha Istanbul is a big city but It is the most beautiful city in Europe Hagia Sophia Galata Tower ... Sultanahmet Mosque ... Taxim Square... bla bla bla :) In my opinion Sweden ... Finland .. Norway sooo Scandinavia The most beautiful place in the world VIKINGS !!!!!

lickybront9’s Profile PhotoЛ
Istanbul sounds lovely. Too bad I'm afraid of ✈️ You live there😁

Zahvaljujući @lesfemmesfatales mi je palo na pamet da opet pokrenem rubriku pisanja o starijim ličnostima koje su me inspirisale i danas na redu je Sophia Loren, pa ukoliko vas zanima, pročitajte post o njoj https://imagenestristes554.blogspot.com/2020/04/sophia-loren.html ❤️❤️❤️

tuzneslike1’s Profile Photoimágenes tristes
Odličan post, samo tako nastavi! ❤
[ Tromsø, Norway ]
Zahvaljujući lesfemmesfatales mi je palo na pamet da opet pokrenem rubriku

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