Ask @butt246:

Aoa. me tanha hu sad hu.. mjhe aisi frnd chahye jo akaili ho js k koi bf na ho or jo mjhse har bat share kre jese ke hum saalo se ek dsre ko janty hon. Hansi mazaq lrai ghusa or bht sari shrartein kare. Me bhi akela hun or mujh ko achi pyari dil ki achi.. lrki chahye. Koi hy?

Wtf? 😂 please dont commit suicide 😂

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Why do you support any political leader? Why you think one will be better than the before? Why saying a word about your leader is like a personal attack to you guys? Why are you so rigid about something that you don't even want to look up to the facts? Why don't you think?

Politics is what i hate the most :3
Why dont we start improving ourselves as an individuals first and after that think about other???
World would be better place to live

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