Have you ever forgiven someone for cheating on you? Just curious

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No. When someone has betrayed the level of trust that they were given I lose respect for them and once I lose respect for them the entire dynamic of relationship changes because now the way that I acted or the way that I may have treated situations is totally different and it is not one is well appreciated so once respect is gone it's only a matter of time before that relationship collapses and there's no coming back from that.
Yes I have forgiven someone in the past for cheating on me, but for some reason our relationship was never as close as it was before they had cheated on me. It's hard to get rid of that thought. I had a problem of not thinking about them cheating on me when I was having sex with the person that cheated on me. In my case, it was my significant other. I'm heterosexual.
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Yes my ex from high school. Honestly I kind of expected it to happened just because my hometown is small so everyone knows each others basically and him and I were friends like best friends so I knew his past and how he would cheat on his girlfriends so even though the first 4 years of our relationship he was loyal and loved me at the end I accepted the cheating and forgave him


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