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If you steal a pen from a bank, is it a bank robbery?

Nope but it would feel cool because it came from the bank 🏦😎

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Is it weird to want to check on your ex? Not to bother them, but to make sure they’re okay from time to time?

Thats weird you should never go backwards they are an ex for a reason leave them in the back

Do you prefer talking to strangers who don't know you or friends who know you? I'd say I prefer strangers cause I'd be a bit more open.

IAmGreyity’s Profile PhotoCalvin Toledo
Strangers can be weird i always keep an open mind but I would rather talk to someone I was comfortable around

Why do ppl talk slick and then when you get on their a$$ they get to talking about "come on man, I got kids"?

terrancebailey37’s Profile PhotoTerrancebailey37
Its a self defense mechanism but I wouldn't care about nun of that if I need to say something im gonna say it regardless

Do you really care about what others think about you ?

No I think building a good reputation is important but everyone doesn't provide for you or pay your bills or walk in your shoes so who cares 🤷

Do you have someone in your life that would you give your on life to make them really happy without take anything back ?

Honestly only my kids

If you could redo a grade level in school what would it be?

sammiegabriella1991’s Profile PhotoSammie_Baby1991
I would go back to being a senior and after I graduated I would've went straight to college instead of waiting


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