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Good morning my love. You are a queen. I appreciate you. Appreciate everything about you. Your pretty eyes to your radiant smile, extra fly dance moves to your lovely personality.

Good morning. A question to One question: are you that guy who randomly added me on Snapchat from 2018? 👀

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I love you babe. I'm sending you nothing but good vibes and positive energy. Hope you feel better.

Appreciate it 🙏🥺

Please reply this message with a question you want to ask those anon who ask silly questions to you on ask.fm ?

ThNkyu & yeah. Who is anon?

If u love someone and it has been almost one year and they r changing with u ? Is that a bad sign? Or it’s normal?

It all depends tbh. If they’re changing with you to be a better person sound like a good sign

Finish the sentences. I will not be...........................? I can be...........................?

[1] broke ichhh
[2] Rich mamii🤑🤩

What makes you come to this site vs your other social medias?

More questions than the rest of the sites I guess

What's youre favourit Disney Movie? And what's youre favourit Song from a Disney Movie? :3

Lion king💗💗Mona🥺 , jungle book, coco, toys story, beauty and the beast, Aladdin, etc

Is it easy to give someone a second chance?🙊

I’m a person who gives second chances but when I see the person still doing the same nonsense that’s where I draw the line

what do i do to make myself happy ? plz advise

The things that I think would help make yourself happy would be treating yourself.
If you’re always feeling down, know that it’s a sign that you need some you time. Even hangout with your friends could also be your “me time”
My “me time” is creating a mini spa day for myself with some music.
But could be different time by time

What's your favorite song from the 2000s?

I have a couple but I would have to say Aaliyah. I was such a huge fan of her and still im today💛 Her song call rock the boat (I was too young to understand what she was singing abt😭🤣)

Tell about the most exotic food you have eaten!

So far this rare fruit that benefits so much for our body. (I lowkey can’t rmr the name of it though🥴🥴)

What food do you eat most often?

I’m half Caribbean so majority of the time I eat Caribbean food but I lovee to mix it up yk.

Tell me three things about yourself that one should know before calling you on a date!

Uhm I’m a type of person who loves to try out and to experience new things! That also goes along with eating, I love food Lol. The only thing I couldn’t eat is raw fish. I love music! There’s never a day I could go without playing anything.

What is something you do every single day?

Try to do something new everyday especially when I’m back home, I try to island hop, go to many events and soon I’m going to go on a hike to the highest point of the island

Is there a person that you just talk and hangout with "for the sake of whatever" but your dont really like?

Nah that’s just being fake, and I’m not fake period


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