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So my hunch says You are getting married next week. ok. Now i’m done

Some of y’all have never heard of a promise ring & it shows

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As a kid did you ever wanna be a mom and wife or a father and husband?

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be a mom. My future kids will have a mom that’s there for them, that accepts them, who makes them love who they are, and everything that they will be. They’ll have someone who they can confide in without any judgement, and they’ll have someone who isn’t afraid to take care of their mental health. They will have an active parent in their life who won’t stress them out. As far as grandparents, they’ll know my stepmom, and my dad. That’s it. I won’t have anyone who will ever traumatize them in their lives, not that they’ll be sheltered, but if I know some people who are not safe in any way, I will do what I can to protect them.
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What are your plans for the day?

Sleep, and spend time with my family who actually cares about me. It’s nice to be in a place where I’m loved for who I am, and not surrounded by people who only obsessively have to project their own insecurities onto me. It’s hilarious to me that I live in peoples minds rent free, and I don’t even care enough to let them enter mine 😌

Would you give someone a second chance that betrayed you?

Nope. Once, you’re out of my life you’re not welcomed back in.

Do you and your partner have a romantic evening planned for Valentine's Day?

We spent the weekend after together because of our work schedule. It was great tho, I absolutely love him with my entire heart.

I'm 19. am I a teenager or an adult? I consider myself an adult as I'm over 18 but people still be calling me a teenager

You still have teen in part of your age, though by state law you are a legal adult, it’s more of a respect thing when it comes to being called a teenager. Older people have taken advantage of people who are freshly adults, and they’ve been called out on it for being creepy towards you guys. It’s not to disrespect you or anything, it’s just we’re trying to keep you safe from possible trauma.

James 2:5 Listen, my beloved brethren: Has God not chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him?

I will fart on your pillow & give you pink eye.

how do u contact a girl when u blocked on everything🤦🏽‍♂️😭

You don’t. The whole point of being blocked is, so you leave her alone.

Moving forward is awesome. I am greatful for any type of progress, weather it big or small, early or late, fast or slow, I’m still where I need to be. Trust the process. 🙏🏻


Do you peak at peoples phones if they are unlocked and sitting out

Only to take random pictures, so I can troll them a bit, but as for actively looking for things on their phone I usually just look for the camera & whatever games they have on their phone 😂

When you’re interested in someone, do you ask for their social media or phone number?

I usually go for numbers tbh

do you like the new Twitter logo?

I think it’s lame, but I do have to say it does fit the vibe for my setup on my phone, so it’s not horrible.

Which high school/ college class was hard for you to stay awake

History class in high school. I slept through that all the time cuz the guy spoke in a monotone voice.

If somebody is mad that you like them than you know something wrong with you

I personally don’t like anyone, ex for my fiancé ofc, and he’s not mad that I like him. If you’re personally mad that I found my person, then you need to go away.


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