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If a guy whos really tall took your phone and held it over you're head and wouldn't give it back what would you do

Kick him in his ballsack see who will be standing over him then he he

What's the one thing people always misunderstand about you?

A lot of people misconcept that I’m rude or too mean when I’m really so nice & sarcastic 99.9% of the time

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What is a primary fear that is holding you back?

Hmmm... good question; Feeling like I’m never going to be good enough. I truly believe I will die a lonely soul with no family of my own or children of my own.
Things never work out in my favor. I always get fucked over from close people to me. (Or so I thought close people)
It’s my ultimate nightmare. Primary “Fear” would be like an understatement indefinitely.
Love has never been on my side unfortunately. But I would be willing to accept that? Just a hard acceptance. Can’t really explain it.
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If your other half did something that upset you, and continued to do it even after you told her it upsets you, how would you feel?

Like shit! And fucking angry. Emotionally!!!! But then again Who wouldn’t though, you know? Take some time for yourself and reevaluate some things and your position in certain areas. That’s the best advice anyone can give you!!!! Always stand your ground and don’t ever fuckin settle

Favorite summer memory?

I have way too many funny memories to even remember or talk about on social media LMFAO!!!! I wish I had a vlog for this exact reason so I can document everything in my life ??????

What to do, if I want to work? ?

I always tell people to atleast try a sales job it’s such a great experience for a little while (not forever though) also it can be great ass fuckin money at times!!!!

Smart casual or sporty style?

All of the above. I can dress up fancy and dress down casual. All styles to me are great. I’m versatile

What has been one of the best days of your life

Honestly, too many memories to count. I’m really blessed. BUT off tops fucking rolling loud 2016 was INSANE. I was backstage a lot cause rappers like my cute ass

Has your hometown changed a lot since you were a kid? If so, how? Have the changes been for the better or worse?

I’m from Bulgaria / Europe ??
But I moved to Las Vegas when I was 9 months and I’ve always traveled but never moved my city! I’m currently am going to be moving though I’m soooo excited ♥️ & everything in life (better or worse) will be for your better in the future!!! Nothing is for worse ?????

If you had a chance to replay one moment of your life, what would it be?

Could I do like a fast motion click of all the great moments in my life? ?????

Do you prefer talking or texting?

Talking & interaction is a reality. Texting is an illusion hahahahahahahahahah

Are you a city or a nature person?

Both! I love a city but I also love a good vacation far away from everyone. Definitely a introvert & extrovert

Why do people give up so easily on relationships nowadays? Are we becoming more and more selfish?

Idk I don’t relate so I couldn’t say!
Why do people give up so easily on relationships nowadays Are we becoming more

What are your future plans? Or are you living in the present moment, not thinking about the future?

My future plans are pretty private for the most part but I can give out a hint — I would love to make clothes any dayyyyy
What are your future plans Or are you living in the present moment not thinking

What's the best way to apologize?

Just be genuine! True self & actual compassion is everything
what’s life if it’s all fake?

If you could be immortal, would you choose to be?

Vampire gang or fuckin die
No pun intended literally hahahaaha

What do you favor - watermelon or melon?

Ooooo that’s tough one....... okay, if the watermelon is sweet enough? Watermelon,
NOW If the melon is crispy, MELON.

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