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The feminine urge to dye my hair black is so strong but I don’t wanna look goth 🙃🖤

mayaembers1’s Profile Photoxoxoxo
Problem: strong desire to dye your hair black, but, at the same time, you also do not want to look goth.
Solution: Dye your hair black AND do not look goth. There are lots of nongoth-looking people with black hair. There's a lot more to the Goth style than just black hair. I figure, you can dye your hair black, do your makeup as NOT black painted onto a white foundation, then as long as you don't also dress in all black costume AND you make sure to keep color in your wardrobe on a daily, you should be just fine.
The feminine urge to dye my hair black is so strong but I dont wanna look goth

Should you say excuse me after you burp

That depends on the circumstance. If I'm with a bunch of guys like at a BBQ or something then no; however, MOST times it happens in public, it's a good idea to ask to be excused.

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I apologize if I upset someone on here or said something inappropriate or rude it was wrong I didn’t realize I did something wrong was not my intentions to hurt anyone.

Did you upset someone on here? If you did then I wasn't aware of it, you certainly have not upset me at all.

Hurt people hurt other people.. that’s sad but true

That is only sometimes true. Other times, someone who is hurt may choose to transcend their pain and transmute it into compassion, thereby using their own pain to heal others.

What’s the reason why you hate women?

There is more than one reason to hate women, just like there are many reasons to love them.

Why do men like to cheat on their significant others? 😥

This is an unfair question, in addition to being sexist. Not all men cheat. Not all women are faithful. Not all men are aggressors. Not all women are victims. Not all men are egocentric. Not all women are nurturing. Not all men are foolish. Not all women are innocent....
It seems as though your significant other has cheated on you, and I'm sorry if that is what has happened; however, I implore you not to change your view of all men based on the behaviors of that one.


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