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ayeshamna’s Profile Photoaisha ^-^
-95% (chrgng)
-Hamza Naeem
-25 Jan
-Nutella,Pourejj, boiled eggs or mass gainer 😂
-i trust a few and he is one of thm @hamzanaeem109
-Pinjara by jasmin sandlas and badshah
-Water and fresh lime
-All Hollywood movies and Seasons too
-Single as always😊

have any crush on ask.fm so mention plz 😊👍

AlinaAmirSheikh’s Profile PhotoAlina Amir Sheikh
crush love piaar muhabbat ishq hubb (arabic) lust mad for affection adoration enchantment cherishing devotedness
hankering infatuation yearning respect sentiment feeling mentoring 😂😂
or najanay kia kia hngy 😂
but cant mention her name she's art of love 😍❤ and she's architect too 😂😍😘


raffi1997416’s Profile PhotoAbdul Raffay
I dont have any words to describe how i m feeling right now
Not only me i know every one here cant express what they felt 😓😓
It was a big disaster (16-12-15) (Peshawar attack) for everyone 😢😢😢and we can't do anything we can only pray for those martyrs we can only pray for their families MAY ALLAH bless them jannat
May ALLAH give strength to their families condemn all their sorrows
And salute to those kids who show bravery that after that attack they start their education in APS
SALUTE to those kids 😄
But as far as i know i m not getting personal but why we pakistanis only remember thm in this month why dont we remember them in each of the month they were the true heroes and we only remember them on 16 dec why is that?😞😞
Or ab dekha jae tw sab apni DP's chnge krdyngy phr 1 haftay bd wo dbara apni dp laga dengu or dekhna phr waqt k sath sath unhy bhool jaengy
We should change ourselves yrrr
And its been a year so i want to thnks to those people who are the reason behind that only bcz of them we can remeber them every day
Just bcz of their profiles we pray for them everytime they make us to remember them every day
Thanku guyz thnkuuu sooo much for showing us the right thing
For tellings us each and every day who our real HEROES are
I dont know any of the other profiles
But im following 1 profile who is worth following
She is my sister too
@aleezekhan288 😊
She always post about those martyrs and she always support them
Thnku sooo much i just want to thnk u personally that what you have done this year was exceptional
And i m soory guys i don't know any other profile usernames so thnku all of you
MAY ALLAH Bless them bless their families and bless all the martyrs of Pakistan
We miss u .. We'll never forget you😢😢

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 I dont have any words to describe how i m feeling right now

Kisi Ne Such Kaha K 'December Rulata Hai ☹'..! Remember in your Prayers ''Martyred Kids of APS" ✌ This 'December' in the Name of ''Martyred Kids of APS''.✌✌ #WeRememberYou #JumaMubarik (STAIF)

AlinaAmirSheikh’s Profile PhotoAlina Amir Sheikh
yyeah waki yeh December rulayega sab ko 😓😓
but why we all except few dont remember them in the rest of the month
its been a year lkn jb 16 dec kareeb arhi hy tw sb ko un shaheedon ki yad ajaegi
sb apni dp's b black krdyn jb ky sara saal har mahinay har din unky liye dua krni chaye or hum sb almost saray hi unhy yad nhi krtay
including me too
i think not only this December but each month everyday in the name of those martyred kids and also those martyred(whether they are kids they are army officer they r civilians ) who died in other accidents too
we should all pray for them ☺
May ALLAH bless them 😊

Are parents always right?

FatimaBatoolAbbas’s Profile Photoفاطمۂ بتول عباس الاسدی
yeah parents are always right ..
sometimes you didn't like their decisions but after when the time passed you realise that they were right about you .....
bhoot se galtiyoon se sekha hy k unka mashwara sun laina chaye 😂
i m nt saying k har br unki mano yan apni karo
i m just saying jo b kro mashwara zaroor kroo 😂😂😂 koi chz chori chupi na kroo 😜😜

Like for question: If you were in deeply in love but your family won't accept him/her, would you let go of the person after years of relation, after those future plannings cause of your family's disapproval?

HajraNauman’s Profile PhotoHajra Nauman
no i would not let her go :)
because i will love her till death i will wait for her because i believe that if you love someone deeply ALLAH will make her your future partner 😍😍
now talking about my family 😂😂 lol
no they will not reject my choice 😂becuase i love simplicity as my parents does 😂😂
they only want me to become something, to have a better and respected job😉 ... after that my parents have no problems with my choice 😂
because its my personal life and i have to decide with whom i have to spend my entire life with 😍
meri mama tw kahtin jis din tm 30 lakh mery hath main rakh dega main usi din shadi kra dngi 😂 lol
and FYI 😂 mainy sada shadi krnga 😂 itni b nhi k itna kharcha krn 😨😨😨

If u ever get a chance to dance with your love/Crush 😍 Then which song would you choose??

Kabhi Kabhi meray dil main
khial ata hy 😉
Ajeeb dastan hy yeh
kahan shuru kahan khatam 😂
Dil ny yeh kaha hy tumse
muhabbat hgyi hy tumse 😂😂😂
dil de diya hy jaan tmhy dengy
dagha nhi kryngy sanam 😃😃
Dil q yeh mera shooorr kry
idhar nhi udhr nhi teri ooorrrr chalayn 😂😂
Tu khushi hai aasra bhi hai
Teri chahat zindagi hai
Tu mohabbat tu aashiqui hai tu aashiqui hai
Tu aashiqui hai tu aashiqui hai😂😂😂
actually old songs bht mazay ki so if i ever (i wish) get a chance to dance with my love/crush these kinds of songs would be played 😂
or maybe some romantic classical tune 😂😂😂

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